Pre-op...Cucumbers and pickles??

Erin S.
on 4/30/22 3:49 pm

I'm on my 5th day of pre-op liquid diet and found a small paragraph in my literature that states I can have a cucumber or a pickle per day. The past 2 days have been the toughest for wanting to eat, but I'm trying to keep busy. I found this nugget and was so excited to locate 1 cucumber in my fridge. It literally made me feel human again.

I'm excited and nervous at my May 10th, 2022 surgery day, but I have a great deal of fear as well. I will be getting surgery at UNMC in Omaha, NE. If you have had your surgery here, I sure would appreciate someone to follow. I keep praying to "trust the process" and continue to the next task, but I'm finding a lot of free time and need to keep busy. Weekends are the hardest I'm noticing, and I cannot wait until I can work again Monday.

Lots of emotions and sometimes want to give in an cancel my surgery, but then I find something to entertain me for a moment and it passes. Plus, I feel lucky to have this opportunity to have the surgery.

Thank you for listening,


on 5/1/22 4:05 am, edited 4/30/22 9:06 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

That's an odd inclusion for a liquid diet but if it's on the plan, it's on the plan! good luck sticking to it until the 10th, I was always happy my program didn't have a pre-op liquid phase, it would be so hard. Yay for distractions that keep you on the right path!

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Erin S.
on 5/1/22 6:17 am

Thanks Jen.

on 5/1/22 6:44 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I noticed my clinic is now allowing pickles during the pre-op diet, but they didn't when I had my surgery seven years ago. I think that might have helped - not only is it solid food, but pickles are high in sodium - which makes a lot of people retain water, which makes you feel fuller. We were allowed to have one cup of broth and one cup of tomato juice/V8 a day, and I took advantage of that since I'm a water retainer. It really helped me get through it (so did sugar free Jello, which I ate with abandon...)

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Erin S.
on 5/2/22 8:04 am

Yes, cucumbers and popsicles are my favorite right now and eating with excitement.

White Dove
on 5/3/22 5:14 am - Warren, OH

That is a new one to me. But it makes a lot or sense. Cucumbers are mostly water and also contain electrolytes. I had a one-week liquid phase because someone cancelled their surgery and I took their place. Otherwise it would have been two weeks. A cucumber would have been really nice if it was allowed back then. I remember craving pickle juice during my first year after surgery. The pre-op phase is hard. I kept thinking I was going to cancel, right up until I was on the table and waiting in the holding area for my surgery to start.

My RNY was supposed to be at 10:00 AM, but there were delays and they did not start until after 1:00 PM. It took about an hour. They got me up at 5:00 PM and had me start walking. The last thing they did before getting me prepped for surgery was a final weight. The first walk we took after surgery was to the same scale. I had gained 19 pounds since that morning. I was so confused and asked my surgeon what was going on. He laughed and said that they pumped me full of water to do the surgery. He told me to go home and pee it out. It took close to a week to be completely gone.

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