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on 5/17/22 6:09 pm - Lawrenceville, GA

So I frequented this forum a lot back around 2007-2008 when I got my Lap Band. Now, I'm back because I am considering getting a revision from lap band to a gastric sleeve. I have basically gained most of the 100 lbs back that I lost. I would really just like to take it out and get a gastric sleeve. I'm tired of dealing with all of the issues I am having with the band. Has anyone had their band removed and revised to a sleeve? What has your experience been? How much weight have you lost since you revised to a sleeve? Are you having any issues? thanks so much to anyone *****sponds.


on 5/18/22 10:03 am - Putnam, CT
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Welcome back. So I am a band to bypass revision. In all honesty I would not get the sleeve after having the band. My surgeon even said because I had reflux so bad from the band that getting the sleeve would end up making it worse.

The sleeve is similar to the band with being a restrictive only surgery. What kind of issues are you having with the band and have you talked to a surgeon about getting a revision?

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on 5/18/22 11:43 am - Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you so much for telling me that because reflux is one of the main issues I am having and it is really bad. I will need to look into the bypass then because I had not seen anything saying that. I am also severely anemic because my body does not absorb iron from my stomach so I have to get iron infusions every 4-6 months. I have sleep issues because I am terrified to sleep because of the reflux. I fear that I will choke to death in my sleep. I'm just ready to get rid of the band. I have not talked to a surgeon yet. I was really just looking into my options first. I plan to speak to a surgeon very soon.

on 5/20/22 12:56 am
VSG on 03/31/22

Even with sleeve mastectomy I have the same problem during the day I can't eat and drink that much but at night I don't have any problem I tale omeprazole during the day and wait to night tondrink my meal replacement during the day I take my vitamins and I survived for one month 1/2 pretty good ?

on 5/29/22 8:34 pm


I am wanting to do the same. I have had my band since 2007. I am ready to have it removed and possibly have the sleeve as well. I haven't gained all of my weight back, but have gained about 80 pounds. I have no restriction. I can eat a steak and anything else really that I want. I never could get to a happy sweet spot with fills. My port is turned due to losing and gaining weight. I haven't had a fill in years. Bottom line I want it gone. My surgeon is getting closer to retirement as well and I want him to be the one *****moves it. I have reflux as well. Can't wait to hear what you decide to do.

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on 5/18/22 6:10 pm - Warren, OH

Most of us with weight loss surgery end up with iron infusions. RNY is sometimes used in severe cases of GERD for people who do not have weight to lose. I am glad you now know not to go from band to VSG. Revision typically does not result in a lot of weight loss. Twenty pounds is considered about average. You might lose more with RNY since it also adds malabsorption to restriction.

Weight loss is accomplished by eating less calories than you burn. The problem with revisions is that we have learned how to gain weight even with a smaller stomach. So in addition to revision surgery, your ultimate weight loss will depend on changing your eating habits.

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on 5/18/22 9:12 pm - Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you so much! I did not know that getting iron infusions was typical for lap banders. I'm glad I came back to this site. You have been so helpful because now I need to reevaluate if I want to do the RNY. I definitely want to lose more than 20 lbs. You are so right that we have learned how to eat around the smaller stomach. My problem is not eating my calories but drinking them! Sugary drinks (i.e. starbucks and dunkin donuts) and sweet tea are my downfall. If I stopped drinking that everyday I'd probably lose 50 lbs! I have a meeting with my doctor on June 1 so I am excited to see what exactly my options are.

on 5/20/22 1:05 am
VSG on 03/31/22

Kill the bad habits and you will be safe like your ambitious I will keep in mind to do the same no more junk **** we need to look better ð?'ð?'ð?'

on 5/20/22 1:01 am
VSG on 03/31/22

Exactly eating habits, is the most important in weight loose surgery nothing is gone make you lose weight if you can keep the mouth close I am doing that my self I know is not easy I been told that from the beginning is a hard game to play be ready to think exercise bike and don't eat and you gone manage at least the surgery is gone help you to don't be hungry during the day that much just drink your meal replacement shakes and you gone survive after few weeks you gone love the results of hard working you gone feet better in your cloths have more energy and be happy don't give up

on 5/20/22 12:53 am
VSG on 03/31/22

I had gastric sleeve mastectomy one month 1/2 I was before 219 pounds i lost until 195 pounds when they decide to get surgery on 3/31/22 after that it passed 1 month 1/2 and I am at 175.6 pounds pretty good I think keep thinking positive just remember you a new person know different then you were before no more cheeding in food no more sweets you need to become better for your self not for others love your self and say no to carbs and sugar and soda is not hard you can do it
Just think you will look beautiful young and healthy for your self not for others love yourself from me best wished to stay safe

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