New here, looking for online support buddies struggling with obesity

on 8/17/22 12:17 am

Hi, I am new here. I am 28 years old, have struggled with weight issues all my life. I have been severely obese from past 2 years and have hit my highest weight. I struggle with no motivation to exercise as I feel drained all the time. I don't have friends who can understand what I am going through. Having thyroid issues doesn't help my energy levels either. I have decided to start on my health journey. I am not going to post anything apart my weight every week. will not post anything related to diet/workout that I follow, just simply my weight (every Friday,). Feel free to join me on this, if you feel the same that you need simple support/encouragement from someone by just posting your weight loss results every week and that if it might help in pushing each other forward on our health journey.

Thanks for reading my post.

PS: my next post will be 19th.

White Dove
on 8/17/22 8:38 am - Warren, OH

Everyone starts somewhere. You will find better methods as you go along. This board is rarely read anymore. The only active board left is the daily menu thread on RNY. Anyone is welcome to post there, regardless of whether you had surgery or what type of surgery you had. Please join us on that board with your weekly post.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 8/18/22 3:16 pm

Hi, thank you so much for responding and for your kindness. Sure, will join the thread on RNY. Thanks for letting me know:)

on 8/22/22 4:19 am

Hi. I cant believe that here I am 7 years later after my sleeve looking into a revision. :( I gained 52 pounds of 75 pounds that I lost.

Looking into ESG none invasive revision. Has anyone one had revisions here? Has anyone heard about esg none invasive procedure?


on 9/3/22 1:13 pm, edited 9/4/22 10:21 am

I know someone here who underwent the ? rose ? procedure which sounds like a more invasive version the ESG you?re describing. She lost about 25 lbs I believe.

I agree with a previous poster though - you can also try just re- starting your pouch yourself by imitating the way you needed to eat post op - liquids to purées to mashed foods ?. If you do that for a week your pouch shrinks and you will feel full with much less food . (((()))) I believe it?s called the ? pouch test ?

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