Is Your Weight More or Less Stable Years After WLS ?

on 9/4/22 5:36 pm, edited 9/4/22 5:37 pm

My personal experience is that I no longer struggle with overeating 12 years post RNY . As a result my weight is amazingly stable and remains at a very low but healthy number for my height.

To my own great surprise I find I no longer need nor turn to my ? comfortable ? or slightly bigger clothes because my weight literally doesn?t fluctuate ( and even the doctors scale repeatedly confirmed it )

But I continue to hoard food and am still quite food obsessed in the sense that I must eat exactly only what I desire at any given meal.

I do notice that some veterans still struggle and of course aging makes all our metabolisms slow down .
What has been YOUR experience after the honeymoon period is over ?

on 9/4/22 8:35 pm

I'm the same. I had a Sadi DS in 2014 which people on this forum routinely bash as a fake DS, but has been an amazing tool that has kept me thin for 8 years. I can eat 10k calories a day and I would not gain weight. My only repercussion for overeating is gas and bloating. I mostly try to eat healthy and always get in some exercise now that I'm an old timer in my sixties.

Kelly S.
on 9/24/22 7:19 pm

I'm 13 years post op, never reached goal weight of 125, but weight is stable around 165 with little effort.

Struggle with vitamin deficiencies and keeping protein levels up, have other medical problems, but don't believe they are related to GBS.

Still have sleep apnea.

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

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