Movie Theater Popcooooorn!!

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on 9/5/22 9:25 am
VSG on 09/14/22

Hello all! I'm new here! I have my surgery date scheduled for 9/14 (just 9 days away, my goodness!) and I've been on my pre op diet since 8/28. Last night I slipped up at the movies and had a small popcorn. It's the only time I've ever strayed from the plan. I've been protein shaking, kale snacking, Greek yogurt-ing for the last week and a half (pretending all of that was fried chicken wings, by the way!) and I truly just had a somber moment eating that small popcorn. I've been thinking about this all morning. How much damage did I do?

on 9/5/22 10:24 am
RNY on 06/03/15

since some surgeons don't require a pre-op diet (other than a day of clear liquids only), probably none (as in no damage), but you really need to watch this. Pushing the envelope after surgery can start to avalanche if it becomes a habit and can really sabotage your results.

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on 9/5/22 2:20 pm, edited 9/5/22 11:48 am - Warren, OH

No damage to your surgery but possible red flag for your long term success. After surgery weight loss is easy but you will still have head hunger triggered by things like the smell of movie popcorn. Dealing with head hunger is the only way to long term success.

Had you done this after surgery there would be a chance of the sharp kernels tearing open stitches or getting caught in healing portions of your stomach or intestines and causing infection or internal bleeding. That can result in more surgery or death.

You need to be serious about following the diet you will be given.

A lady who had surgery in October was a school principal. At her school Christmas party she decided to indulge in some treats. Then she went to the second floor to use the private restroom next tp her office. When she did not return someone went to check om her. They found her passed out and lying in a pool of blood that was pouring from her rectum.

At the hospital her family was called to say their final goodbyes. She survived emergency surgery. She recovered and was successful in her weight loss. She shares her story with others who are preparing for weight loss surgery.

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on 9/5/22 5:11 pm
VSG on 09/14/22

One slip up is not a "big red flag" to my long-term success, it's just indicative of me being human. We can agree that AFTER surgery this would have been detrimental, but I'm not there yet. And I WILL be successful when I am (count me out if you want to). This is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm retraining my brain after 30+ years of terrible eating and I went 10 days without solid food prior to a small bag of popcorn last night. I joined this forum for support. And while I don't need a pat on the behind or your sympathy, to be told there's a "big red flag" in MY journey is hardly supportive. Rather than wagging your finger, you could have given me some tips on dealing with what you call "head hunger" since you appear to be so versed in it.

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on 9/5/22 5:23 pm
VSG on 09/14/22

My somber moment happened and I'm moving on. Today I got right back on my plan and emailed my doctors as well. To those who fall, just get back up. You are not a failure. You are HUMAN. I found a forum outside of this one where a man suggested journaling, going for a walk, working on a household project you've been meaning to get to, etc. There are ways to fight indulgence. All the best to everyone!

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