Sleeve revision to bypass??

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VSG on 03/10/13

I will be finding out this week the date of my surgery. I'm having my sleeve that I got 12 years ago revised to the bypass. I've had horrible gastric reflux and pretty much gained all the way back that I lost. I originally lost about 150 lb. As I read all the posts and information on other side I'm feeling defeated because it says that with revisions you don't lose much. I really really need to see some success stories here.

I'm really scared here. I wasn't scared with the sleeve but for some reason this seems different. So I need your success stories and reassurance.


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You'll have a bit better results going from sleeve to bypass than if you already had the bypass and were revising that. It is still going to be work and you will have to stay on top of your vitamins and your annual blood work. Many bypass patients have iron issues more than those with the sleeve so be aware of that.

I went from band to bypass and even though I have had issues with my iron after several years my pouch is still small and as long as I have proteins first and track what I eat I can still lose weight (gained some over Covid).

I would look at what caused you to gain weight back with the sleeve and not make that mistake with the bypass. It really doesn't matter what WLS on has they can all have weight gain if you fall back into bad habits.

Look at posting on the daily menu thread on the RNY board.

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VSG on 03/10/13

Thank you for that. Yeah I know what caused my weight gain. Complacency, not following the rules. My son got very sick and had to have open heart surgery. I quit my job and stayed at home with him 24/7. We had been working for some time on adopting as well and got the chance to adopt three children, a sibling group. We adopted them and I became a stay-at-home mom and it became easy to throw an Oreo in my mouth while I was packing lunches. That made it easier than to grab something quick and unhealthy for lunches for myself. It was all downhill from there. My can't wait game was my own fault and I see that clearly. I've decided this time that I'm going to take time to focus on myself and not JUST be a caregiver. I still don't eat much but what I was eating was non nutritional junk. All that equals my weight gain.


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WLS on 07/15/22

Hello there,

Are you having your sleeve revised to RNY, with the DS component to it? I replied to your post in the DS forum but it sounds like your revision might be more than a second half DS. You've also mentioned regain here.

I know your surgery was years ago but there is a huge malabsorptive component to the second half of a DS surgery, so there should be some loss associated with it if this is the route you go, though revisions go slower from everything I've seen. You'll have to put in a lot of work with your diet and exercise to see the results you want.

That said, surgery is definitely a tool. If I hadn't been working on myself and with a therapist for the last year and change, it would be much harder to keep on with the practices I've instituted. You can absolutely eat around any of these surgeries, and most of us have food issues tied to the weight issues or we wouldn't be here. Reducing carbs should help to kick-start your loss after surgery, and your nutritionist should be able to help with that diet plan.

You've done this once and you can do it again with the work! Talk to your team and ask for what you need. Best of luck, and hope you get your date soon!

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RNY on 06/03/15

yes - RNY is a gastric (i.e., stomach) bypass (with a small portion (maybe a foot or so?) of the small intestine). The bypass associated with the DS is an intestinal bypass, so a lot more of the small intestine is bypassed. So they're different surgeries.

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VSG on 03/10/13

Hello, yes I was supposed to have the duodenal switch but I found out today that my surgeon put in for the ruin why because of my gastric reflex. When I talk to the nurse she said that this particular surgery was better for the gastric reflux. I was disappointed because I knew that the duodenal switch would help me lose weight.

on 1/24/23 8:36 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Ah, that makes sense now! RNY, from what I hear, is much better for GERD, especially since a DS revision more often leaves your existing sleeve intact unless there are medical issues with it.

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The RNY is usually better for reflux, although that in part depends upon what is causing the reflux. If it's a hiatal hernia causing it, then that can usually be repaired surgically along with the revision, and a DS is a reasonable alternative, and will generally provide better results as it is stronger metabolically than the RNY, which is similar to the VSG in that respect (why regain revision results are often disappointing with that revision.****asionally we see someone come through here with fantastic results on their regain problem, and they seem mostly to be those who took the "I'm not gonna let that happen again" attitude towards it, really knuckled down and did everything right, and more. You almost have to consider that you are getting the RNY to treat your GERD, and you are on your own to fight the regain - don't consider it to be the magic bullet that will do it for you. The DS option will make that job easier, if it is still an option depending on the cause of the GERD, but it's doable with the bypass - just harder.

Good luck on this....

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Remember to focus on the positive changes that your surgery can bring and surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and healthcare professionals. Also, make sure to follow your doctor's post-operative instructions carefully to ensure a safe and successful recovery. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery, and remember that you're not alone in this journey!

on 2/27/23 9:42 am
RNY on 07/16/14

I had revision from sleeve to RNY about 10 years ago. I lost all my weight and kept it off. Fluctuate 5 lbs up or down.

I had really bad reflux both stomach and bile reflux. Bile was the worse and no treatment for it. DS will not relieve any reflux.

never wanted bypass and still not happy I have it even though I've lost the weight and off blood pressure meds and no longer pre diabetic. My depression is worse than ever and still have high cholesterol (which is hereditary). And for those of you who believe exercise or weight loss will help/get rid of it. It's a disease just like obesity is a disease. My surgeon even had the nerve to say oh depression usually gets better after surgery.

it has caused iron issues and after a few years kept getting worse after doubling my iron pills. Finally saw a hematologist. Had 2 iron infusions and that has helped and none of the side affects from taking iron pills.

Good luck it does work.