My Biggest Weight Loss Goal

on 4/3/23 8:08 am

I always struggle with my weight every since I was child, people would call me bunch names in school. But the 1 thing that always cheer me up from bad day at school Is watching New Jersey Devil games with my stepfather who was huge fan just see his face light up watching them and spend time with was best feeling in world because he didn't judge me about my weight. Over years he hasn't been doing well and my weight has been sky rocket to almost 500 lbs.So I've Finally decided to take the step about my weight and began reading and Researching on So I can lose weight and be their to take care of him, and one of my weight loss goal is to take him New Jersey Devils game and I don't have to worried about if I can fit in sit.

on 4/3/23 3:41 pm

A very noble goal. Best wishes for your success and go NJ Devils!!!

(deactivated member)
on 5/16/23 12:50 am

Thanks, I get it and I'll pay attention to it.

on 7/13/23 3:43 am

Hope one day I can lose my weight.

tiny fishing

on 8/29/23 3:32 am

Best wishes! Hope you will accomplish your fitness goal soon.

You should try some sort of exercise like Running, Jogging in order to lose weight. Along with exercise, make a proper plan of your routine, diet and all that, and also seek guidance from a nutritionist in order to achieve your goals.

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