on 9/22/15 12:05 am - Chicago, IL

So I guess no one here has tried this company. I posted several days asking about their iron supplement. Is there any one that we can take? The ones my gp prescribed are gel caps. Do we absorb them?




on 9/21/15 9:53 pm - Dayton, OH

I was told never to take gel caps.  Mostly because they are not absorbed totally.  But there are other issue that occur from taking gel caps.  Like eating oily or greasy foods.

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on 9/24/15 10:52 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

I looked at the web site and I just couldn't find the info I was looking for about what kind of tablets they use and what type of iron they use as a base. Some seem to be better tha others of the non-heme versions which this is. I just started back on ferrous sulfate (about 60 mg elemental). I haven't seen iron in a gel cap mostly capsules and tablets which would be fine. How big a daily dose is your Doc starting you on?



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