Being aware of potential problems.

on 9/13/16 8:06 am

I don't really know how to post my info in my signature. I had a Lap DS from RNY 2/15/16. I have reached goal and healthy bmi. 

Not to jinx myself but I am robustly healthy,bounce back from surgery easily and without complications and very little pain medication in the course of my 60 some years. The shock of a partial bowel obstruction 5 months in and again almost 7 months in really threw me. I now know that my "new" system cannot handle cut chunks of cheese. Example being a hor d'oerve platter. Both times created tremendous problems. Fortunately they were not total obstructions and did not require surgery. It caused me at least 2 weeks of intermittent discomfort until the " hunk" passed. Doesn't seem to be an issue with cheese slices or grated. Just chunks. I take Miralax daily in addition to stool softness. Quite the wake up call for me of cast iron stomach fame. 

Did any of you find you had an obstruction due to specific food? Even as months and years go by?

RNY revision to Lap DS  Feb, 2016, Dr. Ayoola. 

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on 9/13/16 3:34 pm - VA

So far, so good. Knocking on wood. 9 years post-op.



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Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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Valerie G.
on 9/15/16 4:39 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Closing in on 11 years post op.  My only nemesis is potatoes if I eat too fast, but they get stuck around my chest.  

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Beam me up Scottie
on 9/15/16 5:16 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
I have very little restriction. I eat probably as much as most average people at a sitting. I'm about a decade out.
on 9/17/16 2:32 pm

I guess I was shocked to have a problem this far out. My ability to eat an average amount seems adequate with very few issues.

It just reinforced that I had "big" surgery and to not take feeling great for granted. 

on 9/20/16 7:59 pm - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

No problems like that fo me at 3.5 years. It's not surprising that you are finding limitations in the first year. It might be that 
this is a problem that will abate as time goes on but given the consequences I'm not sure it would be something to try and
experiment with in the near future.

It is a big thing that you had done and at 7 months post-op you need to be careful not to fall into a complacency. I wish
you were able to have some less drastic lesson but it is always a good thing to remember you underwent some major 
changes in surgery.

Did your surgeon have anything to add about the obstructions? It's just not something I've seen very much of although 
I'm aware that doesn't really mean much since I've never had to deal with that kind of problem.

Congrats on reaching your goal by the way.



HW 552 CW 198 SW 464 4/15/13 - Lap DS by Dr. Philip Schauer - Cleveland Clinic.

on 9/22/16 4:37 am

I'll be 10 years out next week and have never had an obstruction in my bowel.  The only problem I've had over the years and more so in the beginning is eating pork chops, but that was in the upper chest area.  It would be uncomfortable for awhile.  

I wonder if yours is linked to being a revision from the RNY?  

Hope you get it worked out,


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