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on 10/13/11 6:29 pm - Roff, OK
i am hoping this would be the best place to post this.  i weigh (with 4+ pitting weeping edema/swelling) 710lbs.  i have been trying to get some help since i have not been able to care for myself since about july.  i am now in the 3rd hospital since july.  i live in oklahoma, a wonderful state except in its care of the super obese.  they cut off at 600lbs.  what the heck are those of us over 600 that need help?  apparently we just sit and twiddle our thumbs.  between my wonderful home health nurse, this site, and google i found a place in ohio.  they not only take care of your physical needs but your mental ones, you know the ones that make us eat altho we know we don't need to but we do anyway?  they have the beds, physical therapy, and an eating disorders program.  and they accept medicare and medicaid, or whatever it is.  i am just so relieved.  now there is the trip there to tackle, there is a place called angel wings or something like that, that had voluteers who fly people to medical things.  it was too late to contact them but i am going to today and will report back on this. 

the first place i found was:
Eagle Point  they refered me to another one but i forgot the name, and they refered me to Lake Point, in Conneaut, OH, i think that is how you spell it, its by lake erie.  gonna be beautiful. 

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on 10/31/11 7:38 am
Good luck...

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on 11/6/11 8:07 am - WI
VSG on 02/13/12
I wish you the best.... please keep us posted/updated on your progress!

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on 11/7/11 11:41 pm - Roff, OK
i have found a place in oklahoma to stay when i get out of the specialty hospital i am in at the moment.  i am in for wound care and iv antibiotics.  making progress and looking foward to going to the nursing home to gain strength so i can go home.

the home is:
the Golden Rule Home
38801 Hardesty Rd
Shawnee, OK 74801

the place in ohio is:
Lake Point or Lakepoint
440-593-6203 fax

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on 1/2/12 3:33 am
 Good luck dear Sharon    U CAN do this  

I look forward to seeing Ur  ticker go down and  Ur increased mobility and quality of life  

big hugs 

 We ALL have the same fight  here ..and so many of us ARE successful .  You can do it TOO  !!
on 7/11/16 6:32 am

I feel your pain. Here in Texas it's not any better - yet. Our son weighed 550 pounds and the nursing home he was in was not equipped to handle a morbidly obese patient. On July 23,2015 we received a call from the nursing home that they "needed to send him to a hospital, where do you want us to send him?" Later that night, after arrival at a premier Fort Worth hospital, he became non-responsive, stopped breathing and had to be revived. It was determined that the nursing home (that allowed him to gain over 100 pounds while in their care) had allowed a urinary tract infection to go septic. After two weeks in the hospital, we had the problem of locating a new nursing home for his care. The hospital's patient advocate located only one nursing home within 100 miles of Fort Worth that would accept him because of his weight and being on Medicare. He has been in his new nursing home for a year, has lost over 50 pounds,  and is receiving excellent care in an older former convalescent home.

We too have looked for a facility designed, equipped and staffed by morbidly obese trained personnel to no avail. So we have started a 501(c)(3) non-profit short and long term care and rehabilitation facility for obese and morbidly obese patients - not based on their ability to pay - called His Genesis Place. We are currently in the fund raising stage and hope to break ground in the DFW area in 2017 and plan to plant additional facilities  across the country. Our efforts might not help anyone in a dire situation now, but we hope to help many in the future. Check it out at 



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