on 8/17/11 3:09 am - PA
Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I am a new Lapband patient and wanted to join this wonderful support group to meet new friends. 
on 8/17/11 3:20 am - East Windsor, NJ
Hi there Pink! 

Welcome aboard.  How are you feeling so far?  I will be banded 9/6. :)
on 8/17/11 3:29 am - PA
Thanks! I am feeling pretty good. I bet you are super excited for your surgery date.
on 8/17/11 3:31 am
Welcome too the both of you
My your jounery be safe and fruitful
on 8/17/11 4:05 am - East Windsor, NJ
Thanks guys!  OMG I am so beyond excited!  It's not coming fast enough. 
on 8/17/11 4:32 am
Welcome! This is a great place to get questions answered and learn from those who have gone before us. It is a wonderful journey,
on 8/17/11 8:44 am - NC
 I am new also. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 12. I am sooo excited but really nervous too! I know it will all be fine and be worth it!
on 8/17/11 10:10 pm - NH
Welcome !  It's a fantastic journey !!
on 8/17/11 10:57 pm - FL
Hello.  I was banded yesterday.  So happy to be part of this group too!

on 8/18/11 6:01 am - OR
 Welcome!!!  I was banded 5/12.  Have had 3 fills so far.  It is exciting and scary all at the same time!!  Good luck!!  If I recommend anything is after surgery you might find it hard to go to the bathroom.  Drink lots of water and take dulcolax if you can, such a life saver while you're trying to recover from surgery.
Best of luck on your upcoming surgery and welcome to the forum!!!
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