15 years out!

Ms. Shrinkydink
on 5/26/20 11:17 am - Kansas City, MO
RNY on 11/28/05 with

I am almost 15 years out from RNY in Puerto Vallarta with Dr. Armando Joya!!! Starting weight 350 / current weight 160!


on 6/2/20 10:39 am

Congratulations! Can't wait to make a post like this! Still in the process of weighing out all my options

on 11/2/20 12:04 pm
RNY on 06/06/19


I am glad to hear you are doing good. I also got my surgery abroad and doing good so far. How has thia process been for you? Any surgical complication where you have needed surgery from your bariatric surgeon again?

I am concern that my insurance wont pay any complication related to the bypass.

Joy M.
on 12/9/21 7:35 pm
VSG on 08/06/13

Yay congrats keeping it down!


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