Liquid diet - What did you wish you would have been told before starting?

on 4/22/19 4:17 pm

Hi I am new here (this is my 1st post)

I'm considering starting a all liquid diet which hopefully will be medically supervised if we can get my insurance to approve it (we're working on that) ...but anyway what do you wish you would have been told before starting? Please share your experience good or bad & product recommendations.

Thanks ?

Gwen M.
on 5/3/19 12:36 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

What are you hoping to achieve with this?

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on 5/9/19 3:05 pm

It's impossible to achieve long term results on an all-liquid diet. Don't waste your time or money.

Liz J.
on 6/7/19 9:19 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

I was on an all liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. I had already done my 6 month diet and still need to lose a little more. That's why most of us go on the liquid diet, not as part of the supervised diet.

As for experience, I hated it! It was very hard to stay on it, I did, it was just so hard for that two weeks. It was easier for the 3 weeks post-op, as I wasn't hungry at all.

Hope this helps.

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Julia S.
on 6/12/19 8:55 am - Beaverton, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

I did Optifast for 12 weeks and did not eat a bite of solid food in all of that time. It was excruciating, and I would not recommend it to anyone. I lost 50lbs but managed to gain it back and then some. Over the years it was one of many attempts at weight loss. On the liquid diet I was always hungry, not just hungry but a deep gnawing hunger that never went away. I drank tons of water and tea but always felt hungry. My blood pressure dropped and I couldn't stand up quickly or I would pass out. After exercise I would almost pass out in the shower, everything would go black and I would have to lean up against the wall to prevent falling down. I still cannot stand shakes to this day and that was in the mid 1980's.

It is not a fix for a lifetime of bad eating habits. As we all know dieting doesn't work. You need to make life long changes and eat healthier. Most of us that have had WLS eat high protein and low carb. I know that I was desperate when I did Optifast, and it did work for awhile, but it wasn't a permanent fix. If you truly want to lose weight and maintain it I would recommend WLS, if your insurance covers it.

Good luck to you!

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on 7/12/19 6:19 pm

MySlide, any medical professional that would allow you to go on an all-liquid diet is neither medical or a professional. Don't do it.

on 9/16/19 12:17 pm

Hi, I have been on jenny craig for 12 weeks and lost 14.8kg. I've now also started optifast and in my first week I lost 1.2kg. I found it hard not to cheat here and there, no solid meals but a bite of something on and off. Now in my second week and it's much easier already. I've realized I wasnt hungry at all but the minute I smelt something yummy I felt I needed some. It's all mind over matter I think. Training yourself to realize that you dont need that food ..... how did you land up doing on the liquid diet?

on 1/14/20 10:50 am

It will be hard because it is something that is out of the norm... meaning YOUR normal. I was on my pre-surgical diet for 4 months prior to my surgery because of waiting for insurance to approve everything. I was on 2 shakes a day (Breakfast + Lunch) plus a lean protein and Leafy/Green Veggie for dinner. I lost almost 50 pounds prior to surgery. Knowing what I could/Could not eat was surprisingly easier about 3 weeks in when I realized that THIS was how my lifestyle would be once I had the procedure... Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Some of us post-ops go on all liquids to reset ourselves from time to time and it really puts you in the mindset of "This is what I need to do! I am in control and I will not let my "head hunger" control me or my actions. I know I am late to the game with this answer but hoping all is well

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