Diet Pills

on 8/2/22 7:28 am

Does anybody have experience with diet pills the suggest? Thanks

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on 8/6/22 10:48 am, edited 8/14/22 8:44 pm

No, I have not yet had such an experience. I prefer traditional weight loss. I do sports several times a week, I am on a salad diet (I learned about it on ), I spend a lot of my free time actively and drink a lot of water. It took me a few weeks to see a good result. I managed to lose weight without diet pills, the main is desire

on 10/7/22 2:32 am

Hi rexavem, I'm very sceptical about diet pills and try to stay away from them.

I think you'd be better trying a change in diet and exercise routine.

The tried and tested lifestyle changes.