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on 4/2/14 8:53 am - Irvine, CA

Welcome to the new "Off Topic" message board.  Members can make off topic posts subject to the Terms of Service.  The Off Topic board is a message board to discuss special interest items or other topics not found on our other message boards.  Members can make off topic posts subject to the Terms of Service.   Any Rants & Raves types of posts that do not comply with our TOS will be removed.   


For any members that would like to interact in the style of the R&R board, you are encouraged to create your own OH Group.  The Group Owner, and their appointed members, are able to manage and moderate as they want.  An OH Group has its own Discussion Board that is self-moderated.  An OH Group can also be marked as private, and members wanting to join the group would have to be approved by the Group Owner or appointed moderator of the group.   

If anyone would like assistance or obtain information on setting up on OH Group, please email Member Services at [email protected].


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