TWH current wait time from orientation to surgery

on 8/24/11 11:30 pm
Hey all,

I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this, but I'm a newbie to this site so I thought I would ask. I recently attended orientation on Aug 15, have my NP appt on Oct 5th and my SW on Nov 3rd...I'm just curious as to how long I should expect to wait before the big day??
on 8/24/11 11:35 pm - Oshawa, Canada
I had my orientation on June 16 and I am just waiting for the call to meet the surgeon.....good luck in your journey! If you want to get through earlier call every few days to see if there has been any cancellations!
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on 8/24/11 11:39 pm - Windsor, Canada
 It seems to be very individual. For me going through the Windsor BAC I had orientation in February and booked for surgery Sept. 2. It depends on your health and what test you need. Some patients need scopes to be done. I have also noticed that it depends on the area you live in.
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on 8/24/11 11:58 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/25/12
I think the wait time from orientation to surgery is 4-6 months right now - some people can go a little quicker and some a little slower - it is very individualized once it gets past the orientation because some people require more testing, some people have to see certain members of the team more than once, etc.

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on 8/24/11 11:59 pm - North Bay , Canada
i started march 23rd with orientation and had my surgery august 22nd








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on 8/25/11 1:07 am - ajax, Canada
I had my orientation April 20th and with all my other appointments, I am booked for surgery Sept 14th so 5 months.
on 8/25/11 2:02 am - tweed, Canada
on 8/25/11 2:21 am - Whitby, Canada
 this post is very helpful - thanks

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on 8/25/11 2:04 am - Toronto, Canada
I attended orientation with a relative yesterday and they said approx 4-6 months - my relatives NP and SW appointments are booked for November
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on 8/25/11 8:30 am
Thanks everyone, your posts were very helpful!