Test return time?

on 8/2/13 5:56 am

I have just got my Upper GI and Upper Abdominal ultra sound booked for Aug 20,  I also have an appointment with the RN,RD,SW on Aug 26.  How long does it take to get the results back?  Could they be back in time for the  appointments  on Aug 26? 

on 8/2/13 5:57 am - North York, Canada

I would think so. Most results are "in the system", so they should be able to get access easily. I'd just ask at the Aug 20 appointment, to be sure.

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on 8/2/13 6:20 am

Ok thanks gwynnkitty  I hope they are back so that I can speed things along, but then you just never know some places are slower than others.  I already have my blood work done, so that saves some time.  I'll be sure to ask when I'm there. 

on 8/2/13 7:08 am

Try and keep a copy of all your test results sometimes the clinic misplaces test results and sometimes they become lost.

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