How is this possible!

on 10/1/13 10:26 pm - Canada

How is it possible?! I'm 5 weeks post op and this morning I have gained 2 pounds!!! (my measurements are the same..I checked) My calories are around 900 and my protein 80-90g. I am secretly terrified that I will be that one patient this does not work for. I'm so frustrated now!

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on 10/1/13 10:28 pm - Peterborough, Canada

This is very common so do not panic.  Just keep following the guidelines and don't get freaked out.  There are so many things that can cause "temporary" weight gain like fluid retention, time of month, constipation.  People say not to weigh yourself every day-I do but I also don't freak out when I see a number I don't like.  You will be fine!


Monica M.
on 10/1/13 11:28 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada

Monica, i've been weighing myself daily, i read a blog post on MFP about someone who was doing that, and noting trends, rather than individual readings, its actually been quite helpful for me.

on 10/1/13 11:52 pm - Peterborough, Canada

Hey Mon.  I pretty much track my weight in a booklet.  Not every day even though I weigh every day.  Gives me an idea of monthly and weekly averages as well as I track my period and stuff.  I find it helpful.  But it is hard to tell people to not weigh every day when I do it myself lol.


Monica M.
on 10/2/13 12:43 am - Penetanguishene, Canada

i think if you were obsessing over every ounce up or down, i'd advise against it. If you can just look at the averages, like you do, or the trends, like i am, then its healthy. I used to TOTALLY advise against it, but i've softened my approach. I find it keeps me on track better.

on 10/1/13 11:18 pm - Ottawa, ON, Canada

Please read Diminishing Dawn's blog post. -first-stall.html?m=1

And please read current, past and archived posts on OH, as well as taking advantage of the somewhat useful "search" function on OH (blue button, upper right hand corner, insert "three week stall".   There's a wealth of information, waiting for you.

Welcome to your new life  :)


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Monica M.
on 10/1/13 11:27 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada

your intake is 900. Your BMR (basal metabolic rate, calories needed to keep breathing, heart beating, standing upright) is, at the lowest, probably about 2400. (really really estimated, dont quote me on that) So youve got a calorie deficit (estimated to be) of 1500. Your body has no choice BUT to lose the weight. You CANNOT possibly gain actual weight.

Weights fluctuate daily. You can "gain" 5 lbs in a day. That's not a real gain.


Take note of your WEIGHT TRENDS. Are you on a downward TREND, or not? DO NOT weigh yourself more than once a week. or once a month, if you can stand it, at this stage of the game.

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