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on 11/5/13 7:12 am

I just got a call today from the doctor's office that did my sleep study.  I have an appointment Dec 18 to talk to the doctor but the nurse on the phone told me I have mild to moderate sleep apnea.  Does this mean I will need a cpap machine she wouldn't tell me over the phone?  Has anyone else had mild to moderate and NOT had a machine?  I am hoping not to have to get one.

on 11/5/13 7:16 am

I have moderate to severe so I need to use it, but I hope you don't have to.  I am thankful that I have it as it really helps me but I wish I did not have to use it.  Good luck...

on 11/5/13 7:41 am

Thanks Zizzler I hope I don't need it either.  I don't know if I could sleep with the mask on my face.  I had a really hard time sleeping with all the wires on me when I ahd my study done. 

on 11/5/13 9:55 am

You get used to it with time and after you notice the difference it makes in your energy level and sleep.  I dislike those wires as well so I make sure I am super tired and that helps.  Either way you will be okay so don't worry :0)

on 11/5/13 7:47 am

I had severe sleep apnea as well. It was scary to hear how many times I stopped breathing in my sleep. I only took a couple of days to get used to the mask, and it's amazing how rested you feel in the morning!!! I used to wake up at LEAST 3 times a night to go to the washroom or get a drink of water. Now, I don't wake at ALL! Plus, my husbands happy I'm not snoring anymore! LOL. Hopefully, after surgery I won't need the CPAP anymore. Good Luck!!

on 11/5/13 8:21 am
RNY on 12/05/13

Mine is severe too, sorry I can't help!


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on 11/5/13 8:26 am - Straford, Canada

if you have apnea and they want you to use the CPAP find the best mask/pillows for you and if it really drives you crazy take some anti anxiety meds to fall asleep.  If the sleep clinic wants you to use it they, plus your GP should be notifying the province if they sense non compliance because you're a danger on the road, and the surgeon won't operate if they feel you are non compliant as the risk under anesthesia is large.  Good luck, whatever happens, happens.  Still enjoy the ride! 

on 11/5/13 10:25 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

I have mild sleep apnea and the surgeon was fine to do my surgery without the cpap machine. So I never went back for the titration. I had surgery in Guelph and after in recovery, my O2 sats were a little low but, I wasn't in distress. They gave me oxygen for a few hours on the ward and just monitored me for a bit . I guess it depends on each individual and how comfortable the surgeon is with each situation. Wish you luck.

on 11/5/13 10:29 am - Canada

If you have mild to moderate Sleep Apnea there is a mouth appliance you can get. Somnodent

It cost about $2500.  I'm waiting to find out if my insurance company will cover it.

on 11/5/13 10:40 am - North Bay, Canada
I was borderline mild/ moderate and they gave me the choice as to whether i wanted the machine or not, i opted not to get a machine. They asked me to be retested 6 months post surgery. Good luck

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