What are you eating/doing today (Saturday)

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In to work today.....my last full day of working,,,,,,this will be a very emotional day for me......then out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  I will post my plans on the KIR forum this weekend.

STEPS - 7800 plus met my trainer for 45 minutes of weights


B - 2 large mugs of regular coffee

     Premier protein shake


S - 1/2 cup of 3 bean salad


L - 2 squares of pizza with the sales staff


D - 6 oz baked halibut with tomatoes and goat cheese

     Root veggie mash

    8 oz sauvignon blanc....a good bottle we have been saving - its already chilling at the restaurant


S - 1 Purdy's Sweet Georgia Brown


MYFITNESSPAL totals for the above menu are:  Calories - 1,384,  Carbs - 111,  Fat - 44 grams,  Protein - 90 grams


All water....vits...


Have a great one   mail






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Good Morning!

So it's my last few days at home from work, should be back in the office by Tuesday...yikes! Taking full advantage of the weekend to prep meals for next week. 

B-protein shake

S-protein shake

L- butternut squash soup

S- 3 crackers with hummus

D- homemade beef stew

S- strawberry Greek yogurt

total calories (pre workout)-543





Enjoy your weekend!


Katie H.

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RNY on 12/05/13

I hope your day is enjoyable. i don't know the cir****tances of your leaving your job...I hope they're good ones!

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All good Sunny....thanks for caring






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Congrats Barb, cant wait to hear your good news..Krista.

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My menus are going to be completely and utterly effed up for the next week.  Up most of the night again but no time to just relax so screw it.  I forgot to stop at GNC yesterday to pick up more RTD shakes and my blender is packed and so is my Ninja so to hell with making powder ones.  I have one RTD left in the fridge so will have to make a trip out there at some point.  Destruction starts today in the kitchen.  Gutting it right back to the studs and rewiring and then starting over.


B - last RTD protein shake

L - homemade veggie and bean soup, 7 saltines

S = greek yogurt

D - 4 oz leftover porketta and some roasted brussel sprouts if I can get to the range and if not then it will be nuked edamame with the pork.  Totals are low so I know I need to add some stuff in somewhere just not sure where or what yet.  Cheese or more yogurt might be a quick fix.

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RNY on 01/20/12

Although this sounds like you will be in hell for awhile, but I do envy you. My kitchen is small and very old. Good luck





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on 11/30/13 12:29 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Pam we live in an older home, like older than me and I think this was the original kitchen. I've never seen countertop like they had on these so guessing nobody likely changed them in over 50 years.  LOL  I picked out my cabinets and flooring yesterday and I can't wait. We are going natural maple for both cabinets and hardwood.  It's a nice blonde color almost and I just love it.  My house that I owned prior to meeting DH was only a few years old when I bought it, so moving in with him in his house that is older than me has been challenging as I love new and modern. This is our transition house as when he retires we plan on moving back to my hometown.  Just updating the whole house so when it does go on the market, it will be completely renovated and ready to move into so it will be much more appealing.  He says he wants to work another 5 years so we will get to enjoy it for a few years too before we sell.

My break is over, back to working.  I feel a scratchiness in my throat so I am going to get on top of that now before it turns into a full blown cold.  I'm not having much luck with a bum hip and now feeling like I am getting a cold. Hubby just split his thumb open with the hammer so the cuss words are flying.  Oh it's a happy day in our house.  :)

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RNY on 01/20/12

Ouch sounds like both of you need a break. My house is over 100 years old. So I know old. The cupboards are original but I think the sink and now the taps are newer. Every time we work on it we find something new to amaze us. The walls are plywood, plaster and dry wall. One of these days I will just go ballistic on it





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LOVE what you are doing with your kitchen.....but don't envy you right now with your deconstruction!






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