Shrnkin Butterfly
on 3/27/19 6:21 pm
RNY on 02/19/19

Hello everyone. I was 258lbs when I started Optifast. I lost 15 lb. I was 243 on the day of Surgery. I'm 5 weeks Post Op and have lost 20lbs. I'm currently at 223lbs.

I know of people that have lost alot more in the same amount of time. I'm taking my vitamins religiously and getting all my protein in and slowly but surely I'm able to drink more and more water.

What have your experiences been like?

on 3/27/19 7:11 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

You're doing great.

Everybody loses differently so you can't compare. I was all over the place. Lose 4 lbs one week and nothing the next and then another drop.

Get ready for a stall. It's probably coming. It's perfectly normal.

Keep on doing what you're doing because it's working.

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on 3/28/19 12:08 pm

Hello Jenn,

I would say that all people lose at different rates. I did not lose the 25+ pounds that first month like alot talk about. I seem to stay at about a 8-10 lb loss monthy but March has been terrible and the scale doesn't seem to move so it may only be 5 lbs this month (4th month out of surgery). I posted something on the "what are you eating today" thread about this, some very smart ladies advised me to start measuring each month because the progress might show in the tape rather than the scale and also to take pictures in the same outfit monthly. I didn't do this from the beginning but it might be a thought for you.

As long as you are following the program I'm sure you will do wonderful.... at whatever rate that may be.

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