??Is today Sharon's surgery?

karen C.
on 8/28/11 9:39 pm - Kennewick, WA

You all know that my brain cells are compromised with pain pills. I am thinking it is today but not sure. Anyone heard from her? Please let us know if you have any information.

Karen C

on 8/29/11 1:56 am - Desert Hot Springs, CA
Yes, today's the day!!!  3:30 pm pacific time.  This morning, my mom and I are going to get our nails done.  I have to have my fingers and toes looking fine to take away from the no makeup, dry skin look.    I also thought it might take my mind off things.  Thanks for thinking of me.  I will post when I can.


karen C.
on 8/29/11 3:30 am - Kennewick, WA
Sharon, Best wishes! My surgeon wanted bare nails too!

Karen C

on 8/29/11 4:24 am - Bradenton, FL
 Sharon we will be thinking of you today. Carla
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Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 8/29/11 5:34 am - Green Valley, AZ
   If you have finger nail polish on they will have you remove it. So sorry for that, but having your surgery day arrive is worth it all.Take care. Soon you will be on the losers bench.    Mag

Nancy H.
on 8/29/11 3:51 am - Traverse City, MI
Sharon, good luck today!!!! And enjoy the ride, Nan
Monica B.
on 8/29/11 9:16 am - Emery, SD
Good surgery Sharon, be good to thee.

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