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on 5/22/14 11:11 pm
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Hey ya'll,

   I am new to posting at 50 and over,usually post in other forums but last night I had a thought about my exercise challenges you might be able to help me with. I am 1 month VSG post op. Generally everything has gone well. Where I seem to be failing is exercise. I don't seem to have the energy physically . I have been on my treadmill 1x, swam once and tried to walk outdoors for 20 minutes. The next day I was very wiped out. I am 59 ...did anyone else here have similar experiences? I wasn't much of an exerciser before surgery but I know I need to do this to be successful. Any help would be very appreciated.

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on 5/23/14 12:49 am

I found i had to start up slow and build up. I also limited myself to every other day at first. Start out walking 20 mins for a week then add 1 or 2 mins a day till yoi reach your goal. Also, alternate you exercise. You had a major surgery so be patient. With time and dedication your in endurance will build. 

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Patricia R.
on 5/23/14 1:35 am - Perry, MI

Any Weight Loss Surgery is Major Surgery.  The body's ability to bounce back varies from person to person.  You are not failing at exercise.  The only way you could fail is to quit exercising altogether.  

Give yourself time to build up your endurance.  Set reasonable goals for each week, and then increase a little the next week.

One month post-op is too soon to expect a lot.


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Judy G.
on 5/23/14 7:51 am - Galion, OH

Hello...I was never into any exercise either...BUT...if you want to exercise and are having a hard time doing it...start out doing what you can and then each week do a little more...like if one week you walk around the block...next week do two blocks...keep increasing as time goes on...you WILL get there!!!! And CONGRATS on your NEW LIFE!!!! Hang on its a WILD RIDE!!!!

on 5/23/14 1:45 pm - Davison, MI

I am a vsg and I wasn't cleared to do any exercise other than walking for 6 weeks.  I was told no pool, tub or hot tubs for six weeks either.  Are you cleared for this?

How much fluid are you getting and how much protein?  I was told it was our job to heal, get in protein and water for the first six weeks.  Maybe you are pushing it?

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on 5/24/14 1:51 am - Canada

Although you may not get that impression, you have had major surgery and it takes about 3 months for your inner stitches to heal. Don't jeopardize your healing by attemting too much exercise too soon. Listen to your body telling you it needs to go easy and rest , and at 3 months or so, you will feel up to more vigorous exrcises and more energetic.


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