Lazy Sunday

on 2/21/16 4:37 am

Good Morning Everyone!

I got up at my usual workday time to do some here I am!

It continues to be hectic on my job as they have really increased the adolescent census. I am now doing a double 'run' in both the am & pm making my days so much longer! I am glad I can keep up...this time last year there was no way I could have even climbed up in the van with my fat ass...let alone make it through a 8 hour day. So although I hate the time crunch that comes with working again...knowing I am in better health and bringing home the bacon feels great!

My daughter came over to hang new drapes in our living room, and now I will work on the behind the sofa wall arrangement. I wish I had more time to dedicate to getting things done around the house, but it is a trade-off...such is life. I just have this thing where I like to get my inside projects done in the winter so I can swim and run around in the nice weather.

It was close to 60 degrees here yesterday! We had our 'girls day out' with all 3 of my daughters (heart beats faster!), sister, niece & sister-in-law. We went out to lunch & then my niece & I were scheduled to get tattoos. (I know...mid-life crisis, right?) In the end they couldn't do me bc of being on a blood thinner. I need to get clearance from my cardiologist and probably go off my coumidin for a few days to get it done. We'll see...I will not risk a stroke despite really wanting to get one!

I have been trying to read posts daily, but sometimes have to backtract and read a couple days at a time! Then trying to remember everything is a problem...I am seeing my memory really going downhill!

Anyway, here goes...

Carla....your love for Vinnie just bleeds thru your posts! She sounds like such a ball of energy, and I know you love her to death and visa versa! Hope scope goes well!

Judy...your job...what can I say? Truly a calling for the right person! I also experienced ppl who would prefer to live in the local 'welfare' motels...with roaches, bed bugs, prostitutes & drug deals than safely in the shelter or a safely located section 8 apartment. They just seem to crave drama and an 'alternative' type lifestyle AND subject their kids to it creating a generational pattern. Praying your halo surgery goes well.

Vickie, I have been doing a lot of stress eating, too. Thankfully, I have avoided junk for the most part, but my calories go way up and down depending on the day and the stress. I need to get back into therapy though bc I am sabotaging my success whereas you have something different going on. Caralee is just the sweetest girl...I know you are loving her to death! And don't you just love new baby smells???

Trish, please let the foot heal and calm your ambitious self down! You have so much damned energy, but you need to let it heal by resting it as needed. Hope you got that printer taken care of. I had to smh when reading that. I bought new ink for mine and haven't had the time to put it in!!! Today it will happen!

Arlene, I had a nodule in my breast, too. It was scary since I had the uterine cancer and that can turn up in the breasts, lungs or colon. However, after the ultrasounds they decided to do the 6 month thing for 2 years and now it is gone. Bizarre, huh?

Connie, I am glad your doctor was thorough and responded to your intense pain levels by increasing the vicodin. It seems to be working if your posting more often is any indication! I know it is controversial, but would you ever consider medical marijuana? Jim got a card b/c his is in stage 3 of kidney disease due to the pain and other meds he has taken for years. Now he smokes a little everyday and has come off of some of them as well as had less pain. I was very much against this for the longest time, but I am SO happy it is helping him. The girls time IS just what you need...we get caught up in a routine and it is amazing how a simple change of venue or company can make us feel so much better.

Jeannie, your husband does sound like a doll, but both of you are such awesome grandparents! The kids will benefit so much from your influence...I still see how my parents made such a mark on my girls and their other grandchildren. ANOTHER calling as not all grandparents have that gift!

HELLO Yvonne!

Where has Cindy P. been? And I know Cindi B. has been tied up with her mom & just got back, but miss her, too. Understand why Mary has not been on as often...

Linda, thank you for birthday wishes! Thank ALL of you!

Well, despite my title for today I need to get moving! Everyone have a good day and sorry for anyone who I missed!


Patricia R.
on 2/21/16 7:35 am - Perry, MI

Good Morning Kathy and OFF,

Kathy, it's so good to hear from you this morning.  I know working all day can really wear me out.  I am glad you have today to chill and rest up for the work week.  

Connie, I am so glad the meds are helping you.  I think the girls' overnight sounds awesome.  I need to do that with Colleen and Izzy one of these days.  I agree with Kathy on the idea of medical marijuana.  It depends on what the laws are in Minnesota.  Sean has done extensive research on it, and I've read a ton of articles from him, and on my own, about the pros cons of it.  It now comes in various forms, not just smoked.  

Jeannie, your husband deserves a medal.  I took Izzy to the mall for her birthday last year, and she spent practically an hour and a half in Claire's, examining every single item, deciding what she wanted me to buy her.  I know how special that time with your husband and granddaughter is, and how rare it is for a man to willingly go to the mall for any reason.  

I hope we hear from Mary soon.  I'd love to know how we can help her.

Vickie, I was pregnant with Christopher when my father died.  Colleen had just had her first birthday a few months before.  Then, my father-in-law died a year later.  So, my kids never knew either of their grandfathers.  Then, I found out that Colleen was pregnant with Izzy right after my brother died.  Colleen and Chris were very close to Neil.  He was more like a big brother to them, and he would have spoiled my Munchkins more than I ever dreamed.  She regrets not telling him she was pregnant before he died.  I need to write some of the stories about my father and brothers for the kids.  

I was hoping to visit a new church, and then go to a book party about a half hour away, but decided to rest my foot.  I took a very short walk with Utley yesterday.  It was just too nice outside to not give him a little walk.  I only went about a half a block down the street, and came back.  Just to give Utley a little thrill, and new places to sniff and squirt.

I have to start getting my paperwork together to do my taxes.

Must scoot.

Hugs, Prayers, and Love,


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

on 2/21/16 8:18 am - Canada

Hello Everyone:

Just checking in as don't post much, too complicated, but I catch up on posts several days at a time.

Have been on multiple rounds of antibiotics to help with IBS and have scrip for seems to help, plus am on daily probiotics which seems to help. Surprise diarrheia happens but mostly without pain which. Is 70% improvement, but still need to be close to a bathroom, sure messes up my daily life.

On a positive note, after  5 lbs regain since January, have managed to re-lose and an additional pound! So am at lowest 225 lbs since 2008 when I got to 211 after goal is to better that, it is going terribly slowly but even if it takes me to Fall to get past 205, I will be happy. Not on  a strict diet, I do eat carbs and drink wine, so it is really slow weightloss with lots of little regains, but am not as deprived as on a strict faster "diet", just cut back on portions, drink a lot of water and eat 2 fruits a day...but ate a creme brule in a restaurant last week, of course that also holds up weightloss! So tonight will be a crockpot chicken and veg, followed by clementine. Lots of tea as wine-free day, want to consolidate this loss and maybe lose another 2 lbs this week..

Love reading  everyone's interesting lives, mine is boring but feeling better right now  as painfree until the next Fibro/IBS flare, but have my meds ready...I sleep a lot, hibernating as deep winter , can't wait for Spring to come.


on 2/21/16 8:29 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Hi Jen!  Posting at the same time.  Good to hear from you today.


on 2/21/16 8:28 am - Cibolo, TX
RNY on 02/22/11 with

Good morning Kathy and Trish and all my sistas,

I guess we are having a lazy Sunday morning here, too.  Well, as much as possible with a newborn in the house.  Carrie and Caralee are sleeping.  I know they were up around 7 a.m., but they've fallen back asleep and it's now 10 a.m.  So good for them.  Carrie is handling being up and feeding on demand around the clock very well.  But she's tired, poor darling.  I'm thankful that I can be here to help.  She didn't really believe me when I told her last week that her job was to rest, eat good food, heal and feed the baby--but she does now!  LOL!  

As for me, I am hanging in there.  I do miss my own home terribly.  I really miss my bubble tub!  I miss my puppies.  I MISS MY BOYS!  But we just have to stay here a little more than a week longer, and then we're headed to my house to spend the month of March.

Our outing yesterday boiled down to just one trip to the mall, but it went pretty well.  Carrie lives about 2 minutes from the mall.  Literally.  If you walk to the end of her street, you can see Dillards.  In the very short time it took us to drive there, Caralee woke up and started fussing like crazy.  What was it?  POOPY diaper!  LOL!  Gotta love babies!  They have impeccable timing, don't they?

But once we got past that, she did fine.  She loved being in her stroller.  We managed to find exactly what we were looking for, too.  Caralee has a newborn photo shoot tomorrow and we were looking for some ruffly butt panties for her to wear.  Pampers are very convenient, but they are NOT pretty!  Of course, I had to buy a whole outfit just to get the ruffled panties, but that's okay.  I love buying pretty things for my new granddaughter.  Maybe a little too much . . . !  LOL!

While we were in Dillards, we made the very great mistake of walking by the dishes.  Damn.  I've told y'all I have an addiction to dishes, right?  Oh, they had the sweetest little bunny plates!  I want them!!!  Which is totally stupid because I still have several boxes of pretty dishes and things that I have no room to store at my new house.  And it's equally stupid because 9.9 times out of 10, we eat on paper plates at my house because I don't want to wash the damn dishes!  LOL!  Still I think how much fun it would be to set my dining room table for Easter using those bunny dishes.  Temptations, temptations.

I did some real cooking yesterday.  Carrie wanted a lemon pound cake.  So I baked one.  And I also went to the store and got all inspired by the shrimp, so I made a dish I call Shrimp-a-Roni last night, and pan seared asparagus, and toasted French bread.  We eat very well here.  I don't have much else to do but cook.  

The breastfeeding is still a bumpy road.  The baby sometimes wants to feed for an hour or more at a time.  Carrie's breasts are so sore and tender, and I can tell how frustrated she is getting at times.  I want to help her, but I was barely successful at breastfeeding myself.  I breastfed Carrie for 4 months.  I breastfed Christie for 2 weeks.  I cried every single time my babies latched on.  It hurt and it never quit hurting.  I was totally exhausted at the end of 4 months with Carrie.  And I couldn't even begin to go down that road with Christie.  I breastfed just long enough for her to get the colustrum, and then I quit.  I'm not a good role model or mentor for breastfeeding.

Well, I wish I could remember and respond individually to each of you right now.  I do want to say to Connie that I am SO THANKFUL that your doctor has increased your pain meds!!! Oh, how you need that relief.  And have fun with your girls on your special little get-away.  That's wonderful for you, darling sista!  

Everyone else, just know that I read your posts and I respond in my heart and mind.  Sorry that I am not being very good about responding here on the board.  One day my life will return to semi-normal again.  But I love you all!



on 2/21/16 9:12 am

Hello Kathy and Ladies,

Just a quick stop by on my way to start lunch. We opened windows yesterday because it is too warm to not have a breeze and to cold to use the air.  The windows, unfortunately, do not screen what comes in with the cool air so I have spent the last 12 hours sneezing and coughing and fighting the allergens.  We have an air purifier but it doesn't work well when the windows are open. Today, we are not opening the windows...we are going to use small fans.  

I hope you all have a good and restful day.  My silly cats are all trying to fit their big butts on the back of the sofa so they can look out the funny....

Okay, let me get off here and get to work.  Catch you later.

on 2/21/16 11:17 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Hi Ladies,

I went to church this morning now I'm just sitting here drinking my coffee and water then I'll have lunch. 

The weather is cooler today than it was the last two days. I got out and walked yesterday.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone. Have a good day.

Love and hugs,


Judy G.
on 2/21/16 11:47 am - Galion, OH

Afternoon everyone....well I went to Bingo last night...and I WON!!!!!!! $69.00!!! WOOHOO!!! Had several more chances but never got anything more...oh well I am happy!!!

Well Chase never came in to "MAKE UP" his hours missed like he said he would do...time sheets go in tomorrow morning. The apartment he is working in is far from ready for my new tenant and if he thinks I am going to be easy on him this week??? OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he will walk out on us...I don't care.

Weather here is nice...yesterday we hit 66* and today its cooler but still nice. Rick is cooking on the grill...Steaks and mushrooms. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!! Smells soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!

He has the NASCAR race on...yippee. So many changes its not fun anymore to me!!!

Well he is getting the plates supper is ready!!!

Thoughts and Prayers for ALL that need them!!!!


Connie D.
on 2/21/16 12:53 pm

Hello Judy....hey...$69 is better then nothing!!!

I wouldn't give Chase one more hour of pay. He has ripped off that company so much already.  I can't believe the owners have allowed for that kind of behavior. I hope you really told him off!!!

How come everyone is getting 60-70 degree weather and we can't get a 40 degree day....UGH!!!! We keep getting little snow flurries. 

I don't even bother with NASCAR anymore. It is all rigged and a lot of underhanded things going on. 

Enjoy your and hugs to you....connie d

Connie D.
on 2/21/16 11:50 am

Good afternoon Kathy and everyone...

Kathy sure do have a lot going on every day. It is great that you have enough energy to keep it all going!! I am over the top proud of you!

Little by little you are getting your home fixed up the way you want it. I am sure it will be very pretty when you are all done. It was nice of your daughter to come and help you to get those drapes up. That is a hard job for one person. 

60 degrees....WOW...I would love that!! It is thirty here but feels like 25. It was snowing a little while ago.

I agree...don't get a tattoo if there is a health risk. What were you planing on having done?? My daughter Carrie has a beautiful one in the middle of her shoulder blades. It symbolizes her three children.  

 As for me..... Nothing much today. Trying to relax and watch some Netflix.

My grandchildren are having another day of text and calling Grandma/Nana days!! They are silly!! They were on the phone most of the day and evening yesterday with me. They keep me entertained!!!

My pain is feeling a bit better today. About a 6 or 7. I am thankful for that!!

 It keeps snowing little at a time. It melts as it hits the ground.

Prayers for our loving OFF Family and their families. 

I wish you all a wonderful and hugs to all...connie d





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