Surgical Procedure

on 9/14/18 2:46 pm

Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well with all!

Just wanted to ask any prayer warriors out there to say a prayer for me!

I have afib as most of you know and some of the symptoms are shortness of breath and fatigue. I have both, but this summer they got worse. So went to see my cardiologist and she ordered a stress test. It came back with a possible blockage.

So Monday morning I have to go in for a cardiac catherization. I hear these procedures are as simple as dental visits, but its my heart you know???

I'm kind of nervous even though I know I am in good hands.




on 9/15/18 12:11 pm

You are doing what you can are taking the steps necessary so that you can breath better...have a better blood flow...and to keep feeding your brain's to better the quality of your life...just like wls... so you're doing the right things... might be scary but you're moving ahead... taking control of what you can.... sounds like a strong lady to me ... best wishes for your success in this too!....let us know the wonders of the new you!!!

on 9/15/18 2:02 pm

Thank you Rosemi!

I am very motivated to protect my health and my WLS was the 1st really big step I took towards doing that.

I would urge any of the posters or lurkers on here to get a sleep study done. Sleep apnea and heart problems can go hand in hand.

I went undiagnosed for years. I suspect it was a contributing factor in developing afib along with a very strong history of it and heart disease running in our family.

I will post after I am home from procedure.

Thank you.



Judy G.
on 9/15/18 12:45 pm - Galion, OH

Kathy you are in my prayers. They say this is an easy procedure so believe that. I tell everyone that if my mom could do it so can you!! She had it done and lives many more years because of it!

Be positive...prayers for you...HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

on 9/15/18 2:07 pm

Thank you Judy.

They DO say its an easy procedure, but anything medical makes me nervous!

I didn't know your mom had it done! And if I recall she lived a very long life, right? That is comforting!

As I said above I will post when I get home.

Thanks for the prayers!



Judy G.
on 9/17/18 3:16 pm - Galion, OH

Yes she did Kathy...96 years!!!

Hope you are doing OK...Praying that you are.......HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

on 9/15/18 2:35 pm - Canada

Kathy: prayers and bestest of good wishes going your way... understand your nervousness, keep thinking you can get through this and will soon be over!



on 9/15/18 8:15 pm

Thank you Jen!


on 9/17/18 9:27 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Prayers for a safe procedure and a quick recovery

on 9/18/18 5:50 am

Thanks everyone for your prayers & well wishes.

Procedure was fairly quick & easy. NO blockages & heart looked good. Thank God!

Supposed to take it easy today so putting Jim to


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