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on 10/8/18 4:13 pm

Good evening ladies!

I've been having a kind of blah day. It is cool & gloomy outside, but still humid. We are supposed to see huge temperature drops by the weekend...about time! But I am so over hot and humid.

NASCAR was in town this weekend, but boy have things dropped off. We used to avoid coming into town during race weekend due to the crowds and traffic, but now we LIVE in town and it's not much different than a usual weekend.

We finished the double closet project a few weeks back and have moved onto doing our bedroom. Started painting this past week. I love DIY home projects so I am doing an accent wall that appears to be the 'in' thing now. I ordered a paint roller with a leaf inprint and will texture the wall with that design in a darker color.

Then we need to do the floors. We currently have carpet, but I want to lay that plank flooring down and just have a small area rug on my side of the bed. Carpet doesn't last long in our house due to Jim's jazzy chair. It gets dirty, then I gotta shampoo and then it begins to smell musky after so many washings.

So will see if we can get the flooring done before Christmas, but I have a new bedspread, drapes & pillow accessories on order to set up first...

Going to see Sara Evans this Saturday night. I was never into country music much, but Jim used to play her all the time so I got to like alot of her songs. It will be our anniversary date...a nice dinner and the concert.

I have been holding steady on my meal plan. Not doing 100% great, but pretty much within range of my goals. I'll take it!

So how is everyone else doing?


on 10/8/18 4:43 pm, edited 10/8/18 9:44 am - Canada

Our Thanksgiving here in Canada today, so Turkey Day. Our growing season is shorter as we are further's a holiday! Yay, drinking wine and grateful for a lot of things...


on 10/9/18 7:00 am

Happy Thanksgiving Jen!

I love turkey, but except for lunchmeat don't make it that often. And yet it is so good for protein!



Judy G.
on 10/9/18 12:34 pm - Galion, OH

Happy Thanksgiving Jen!!!

on 10/8/18 9:35 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

I'm doing good, just too many rainy days lately. I don't do dark gloomy days very well. I've been using my light therapy since last Thursday. We're having a few days of summer starting today until Wednesday then it really cools off.

Work is going good, we have a lot of babies now so the older ones are being put into the next room some of the time. We had a new one today.

I attend three support groups a week and bible Thursday is the only night off and the weekend . Next week in the morning will be busy for three days straight, drs appointment, counseling session and taking my friend to hers dr appointment. I'll just have to make sure I go to bed early. I know that's where I should be now.

Well, have a good week.


on 10/9/18 7:05 am

Yvonne I don't do dark days well either...rain or winter. I just want to sleep and eat. Not good!

You sure keep yourself busy. Do you go to a WLS support meeting? I have been thinking of going to one forever, but haven't gotten my butt in gear. If you go what do they talk about?


on 10/9/18 6:06 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Yes I go to wls peer support group. Lately it's just been me so I get one on one for a little while. Talk about any problems that's going on, give advice and support to others. Some people come that is interested in surgery or in process of having it done, so you answer their questions.

Judy G.
on 10/9/18 12:34 pm - Galion, OH

Kathy sounds like you are one busy woman!!! Hope you get it done soon!!

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