Judy G.
on 11/12/18 12:32 pm - Galion, OH

So today I go in for my pap test. Dr said that he sees a small white patch on my vulva area. OMG I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!! He said it could be nothing or it could be something. Wants me back in 2 weeks for a biopsy!!!! I am freaking out because both my mom and sister had cancer in their vulva area!!! My sister had it 3 times there!!! Just what am I doing wrong to have all this happening to me??

Tomorrow I do my next "cleanse" for the pillcam Wednesday morning.

All these dr visits and tests are getting old fast!!!

OK going to go play my games now and try to calm down.


on 11/12/18 1:48 pm

Oh sorry to hear about this doctor's appointment! I know how frightening it is to be in that position having had uterine cancer.

That being said why didn't he do biopsy then & there? Either he is not that concerned or maybe you need to do something to prepare for it???

I took a zanax before mine.

He called me with results a few days later...seems positive results come in faster even tho they test them twice.

IF it is cancer are you in touch with your sister? Like I told you my neighbor has it but hasn't had any treatment that I know of.

I am not familiar with this type cancer, but I do know from going thru my own I learned alot. First, its not the death sentence it used to be. The majority of cancers are treatable, and if you have to have treatment beyond surgery the newer treatments tend to be easier to deal with.

The internet can be 5 years behind in its info so be careful if you use it for research.

I have never heard of anyone dying of vulvar cancer. It may be one of the passive, slow growing kinds unlike pancreatic or lung.

So try not to freak. If you are unable to chill get a script for something to tide you over.

Prayers it isn't cancer especially given the 2 week wait...personally I think that is SO wrong bc any normal person is going to think the worst.

Keep us posted! ð?'?ð?'?ð?'?ð?'?


Judy G.
on 11/12/18 2:36 pm - Galion, OH

I can't contact my sister she died in march. I have no idea WHY the dr is waiting 2 weeks to do this biopsy. Maybe to see if it is NOTHING?? I am praying that is why!!!

I have my adult coloring books to keep me calmed down. I am taking enough drugs right now for all what is going on with me...sighs.......I hate taking pills!!!!

AND...I am still waiting for my Bone Scan and also Mamogram yet.

Thanks for those Prayers!!!


on 11/12/18 3:25 pm

If you find you're getting overly nervous you might consider calling doctor's office and asking of they can squeeze you in sooner or if they have a cancellation...

I must have forgotton you mentioning your sister passing? Maybe reading about your mom's death overshadowed that!

Was she older? What did she pass from? And does this doc know you have a family history? I would think that alone would be reason to expedite the biopsy. But then again most of these doctors recognize the signs more than they let on & since he said it could be something or nothing he might be leaning towards the nothing, but ethically required to test just in case.

Let's hope that is the case!

The colring books are good therapy. I hear you about the meds. I have to take 4 daily and I STILL can't get used to it.

I have my mammogram the 26th and the urologist in December. I always remember my wonderful father in law saying getting old isn't for sissies.

How I agree...


Judy G.
on 11/12/18 3:32 pm - Galion, OH

Yes this DR knows all about my mom and sister that is why I see only him.

My sister was 10 years old than I am. She had so many things wrong with her it would be easier to say what wasn't wrong at this point I guess. And most of what she had wrong was caused from all her chemo and radiation from this dam cancer!!!

My grandma always said not to get old...OK how do I stop it??


on 11/12/18 6:29 pm

You poor thing!

Heavenly Father God, please touch Judy with your healing hands and protect her from anxiety, fear and worry. In Jesus's Mighty Name!

Rest friend and take each day as it comes.

Keep us posted!

Judy G.
on 11/13/18 1:00 pm - Galion, OH

Thank you so much for that Prayer!!!


on 11/13/18 6:13 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Oh no Judy. Will keep you in my prayers

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