I got my date! Woot, woot!

on 6/19/12 12:48 am - CO
Well...I got my surgery date--July 12! I think Im dreaming and I cant because I have so much to do before then!

Im 45, married mom of a 2 and 6 year old. Ive lost 84 pounds in the last 15 months with VSG and I couldn't be happier. I had my consult on June 14 and thought my PS would tell me to go lose more weight ( Im 5'8....203 pounds)...my personal goal is 185). But he said the opposite...he said Im an excellent candidate for extended TT and lipo of flanks. Get this...he said the excess skin and fat on belly is probably 10 pounds! Is that crazy?

I always told myself....I jist want the weight off, I dont care about excess skin-- but now I see the body that has transformed before my eyes (I also work out 5x a week with yoga, swimming, weight training and cardio) I love for the first time.
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on 6/19/12 1:57 am - CA
That's awesome! Congrats! I'm having plastics on 6/25 and I more excited than nervous...I am just so happy people are willing to share their photos--it really helps show that it's all worth it!
on 6/19/12 11:16 am
Congratulations on this big step! I wish you all the best for a safe surgery, positive outcome and a speedy recovery. Be sure to take before/after photos.
on 6/19/12 11:51 am - Mashpee, MA
 Congratulations Denise. I'm hoping to start plastics before the end of the summer and can imagine how excited you are. 
Good luck and speedy recovery!
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on 6/19/12 1:16 pm - Tama, IA
I'm so happy for you! Keep us posted


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