Marti P.
on 4/4/13 10:59 am - San Jose, CA

My exercise regimen involves walking on the treadmill 3x a week for 1/2 hr to an hour and lifting wts 2X a wk.   I anticipate having a TT sometime in May.   Has anyone who exercises a lot, found any particular exercise helpful in the recovery or healing process? 


I currently do sit ups and Genie sits in addition to other exercises.

Marti in San Jose

on 4/4/13 10:07 pm
Yes, yes yes!! For 1.5 months prior to my surgery (lbl/fdl) I further increased my exercise routine and and nutrition it paid off! I added yoga - great for core and breathing, increased strength/circuit training to 3 days a week, and attended Jazzercise 9 sessions per week.

One week prior and for 2 weeks after, Nutrition- wise, upped protein both drinks and food, ate pineapple daily and took arnica Montana. Also increased water and began eating two prunes per day. used Miralax in morning coffee, and Benefiber in evening.

I had an amazing recovery. At one week out I was driving, had little swelling and bruising. I also had two drains removed day three, other two came out day seven. I never expected, nor did the dr think things would go so amazing and easy. I am 57. I also began physical therapy at week three to help scar management and aid in flexibility and movement.
P. Poster
on 4/4/13 10:29 pm

Im a runner and between getting in a good distance run or trail run a few times a week, I am in the gym 3-4 days a week doing circuit and weights.  I am SO scared to have to take time off to recover!  I had an injury over the summer, and was in a cast & boot for about 4 months.  It took me SO LONG to get back into my groove and back in shape.  Im just now hitting my stride again, and now in a few weeks, Ill be having my LBL.


In any case, I asked my PS about this and he said to keep going with what Im doing- cardio and core training are great prep work for a good surgical experience (strong heart & lungs for being under anesthesia) and will only aid in my recovery.  He also had me bump my protein up.  For a NON-DS patient, he said around 100-120g protein a day for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after surgery.  I have the DS, so Ive bumped it to 200g per day.  I will also start Arnica a week before surgery and continue it for about a month postop.  And of course, keep up on vitamins & fluids necessary for whatever type of post op WLS you are.

Marti P.
on 4/5/13 1:32 am - San Jose, CA

I've been so lucky in the 4.5 years since I've gotten the band I've not had any injuries, one bump in the road with a small unfill, but I do worry about not being able to exercise.  Also since I live alone I wonder about taking care of myself after surgery.



Kim S.
on 4/5/13 6:10 am - Helena, AL

I was a regular exerciser before my surgery.  I was sent home with instructions to walk as much and as often as I could immediately.  The first few days I walked around my cul-de-sac several times a day. At about a week out, I was walking 2 miles per day (very slowly-couldn't get heart rate up).  Then after 2 weeks, I was allowed to walk fast enough to get the heart rate up.  At 1 month I was allowed to run again, and then at 6 weeks I added light weights.  At 5 months out I'm back to doing everything I did before....the only thing I still have issues with is core work and yoga........my ab muscles are still very tight since surgery.

Don't panic about getting back into the swing.........if you are an exerciser, you'll go right back to it!

Marti P.
on 4/5/13 7:27 am - San Jose, CA

What is a binder and do you wear it after surgery and continue to wear it when you exercise?

Thanks for putting my mind to rest about going back to walking!


Kim S.
on 4/5/13 8:23 am - Helena, AL

The binder is the garment you wear that applies pressure-yes I exercised in mine- I was in the binder 2 weeks then Spanx for a few weeks

Marti P.
on 4/5/13 8:37 am - San Jose, CA

Where do you buy it and is that really what it is called?  Thank you for answering.


on 4/5/13 6:49 pm

I started with a binder, but it really made it difficult with my Lapland port.  so my surgeon changed me to a compression garment.  I wore it for 8 weeks per his requirement and then I wore it for almost a year when I worked out and was working my nights.  I purchased several extras from www.designveronique.com and www.marenagroup.com.

I bought the full body from my shoulders to my ankles.  It really helped with swelling and I never had one problem with wound openings due to massive swelling.

12/09 and 6/11, 9 skin removal procedures with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico
Revised to the Sleeve after losing 271 lbs with the LapBand. 

Marti P.
on 4/6/13 4:43 am - San Jose, CA

Thank you so much for providing your sources.  What was your first surgery?  Were there any particular strengthening exercises which you did prior to your surgery?  Over the last four years I have been doing massive amounts of sit-ups, Genie sits and other abdominal exercises.   Did you find that exercising prior to your surgery was helpful in recovery?  

I appreciate the time you took responding to my questions.


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