Make your own Greek Yogurt

on 11/28/17 8:58 pm

you will need:

crock pot

small container of plain yogurt with LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES( important)

1 gallon of milk (Any type of milk but not NO FAT MILK) 2% 1% whole etc....

powdered milk (optional)



coffee filters

thermometer ( i use a meat thermometer)


containers 6 or 8 oz. small or larger size.( i use pasta sauce jars)

this yields 2 1/2 quarts of yogurt!

Store bought Greek yogurt is so expensive. i found out how to make Greek yogurt at home in my crock pot! I use a gallon of milk (any type but skimmed). I pour the whole gallon in the crock pot and turn the pot on to high. after 2 1/2 hours I use my meat thermometer to test the milk temp. 180 degrees is what you want. Turn off crock pot and unplug it. Let milk temp reduce to 110 degrees ( check milk temp. at two hours). Now add in 1/2 cup of your plain yogurt with live active cultures and 1 cup of powdered milk( optional). mix with whisk. replace crock pot lid. Wrap crock pot with a blanket and leave for at the least 8 to 12 hour( i leave mine overnight). The next step is to get your colander and line it with coffee filters. spoon yogurt into colander and place colander in a bowl(make sure colander sits up high in bowl so the yogurt whey can drain. after 3 hours remove from frig and spoon into small 6-8 oz. containers. store in frig and eat at your leisure. flavor with what ever you like. I add 3 equal packets to mine. make smoothies, substitute for mayo or sour cream. Whey can also be used to substitute for butter milk!

I got this recipe off of You Tube. It's delicious and preservative free!

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