Just Getting Started

on 2/20/18 7:59 am

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum. Here's a little bit about my story...

12/1/2008 - I have Lapband Surgery and lost approximately 92 pounds going from 251 to 159. I hit my lowest weight in 2012 but lost about 70 the first year. The band was amazing.

In 2012, I had an amazing little boy. During my pregnancy, I had my band loosened and gained about 60. Since then, I haven't been able to get back to the right setting and have been bouncing around like a ping pong ball trying to lose weight. I've been filling - unfilling - filling - unfilling and using weightloss medications. Nothing has really helped.

So now my journey to Revision Surgery has begun. I'm sitting at about 225 now!!! I've been reading posts on the Revision Board as I have a decision to make as to which surgery to revise to. My current surgeon only does the Sleeve so I will need to find someone else for RNY, however, based on what I've been reading, that seems to be the best route.

I just talked to my insurance company yesterday and found out that I qualify. Previously, I thought I didn't so I wish I would have taken things into my own hands a LONG time ago and called them before instead of relying on other people's information. I guess that's my own problem...so now I need to move forward and get the show on the road.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks Everyone!!


on 2/24/18 4:31 pm - New York, NY

Hi Kelly,

congratulations on moving forward with getting a revision. Im in the process of going from the rny to the DS.

on 4/16/18 6:13 pm - Miami, FL

Hi Kelly!

My story is almost the same as yours: I used to be 255 pounds, the day of my LapBand I weighed 244 lbs, and my lowest weight was 165 lbs.

Then I moved to a different location, changed doctors, and started the road of fillings and unfillings. I went back up to 190 lbs and start talking about revision with my doctor, meanwhile I was doing all the tests my insurance required (almost the same thing when I did the band), and I gained a little more in the process.

The day of my revision (sleeve) on March 6th I weighed 198 lbs, everything was fine, and today, 6 weeks later, I've lost 25 pounds, so now I'm at 173 lbs.

I'm more than grateful, I spent months here reading all the stories, and people have said that when you get a revision, the weight loss process is slow. But in my case, so far so good. Fingers crossed!

Good luck with your process, hope you can do it as soon as possible and start losing weight again!


Lap-Band 2009 -Revision to Sleeve 2018

on 4/16/18 6:28 pm

Hi Ana,

Congratulations on getting your Revision. I've decided on getting the Sleeve too and am so excited to get my revision surgery. I have about 6 weeks of work to so still before it can all be submitted to insurance. Then I'll keep my fingers crossed that they approve it. I fit all the criteria so I'm optimistic but still worry. Your story is encouraging. I know after surgery is when the real work starts but I look forward to it. Thanks for reaching out!