My ride in an ambulance and an emergency revision to my RNY

on 8/31/18 7:47 pm - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

I posted most of this on the RNY forum but wanted to add a note here as well, since I ended up getting a revision. Last week I woke in the most horrid pain in my stomach but I am 'tough' and I am NOT going to go the ER in the middle of the night. Right. So I did walk around for a solid hour with my phone in my hand in case I started to pass out (I wasn't thinking really clearly) and didn't want to call a friend at 3 in the morning. Gave up and made myself call 911, who told me to be sure the door was open and to sit down somewhere. They came in quite quickly, checked my heart thoroughly even though it was stomach pain because it was radiating so severely. Off I go in the ambulance to the ER where I met the surgeon who assessed me, then waited in the ER for 11 hours before the surgeon could operate. They did put me on an iv and gave me pain killers.

Surgeon (God bless him) told me that when he went in laparoscopically, he'd find one of two situations: 1) he'd see what was going on, clean it up, do a revision and I'd recover...or 2) he'd see a big mess, have to open me up, clean up what he could and put me on massive antibiotics, close off my pouch and put a feeding tube into my remnant stomach; then in a month or two, go back and reverse all that and THEN do a revision. God blessed me and we went with Door Number One and I am thankful as can be I didn't go the other way. This was all due to perforated ulcers that I did NOT know that I symptoms at all.

I meet with him on this coming Wednesday for a follow-up to find out exactly what was done. I can draw a diagram of an RNY in my sleep but I can't really say I'm clear on exactly how the revision was done...I know he excised my old pouch and some part of my intestine, as the crisis was perforated ulcers. He kept asking if I'd used NSAIDS but that is something I've never done, not once since my original RNY. But I have been under an unusual and horrid amount of stress, way beyond the norm so perhaps that had some bearing. I'll learn more when I see him.

I live alone, am retired, and have awful obamacare coverage, so I can't imagine what my life will be like from here on in. Ambulance with all the heart stuff they did, ER for 11 hours, surgeon, anesthesiologist, assistants, pain meds, and four nights in the hospital....shudder.

When I checked out no one had been by to give my my clothes, so I got sent home in a hospital gown. I was just thankful they added pajama bottoms, LOL. Took several days to get clear of the drugs, but my last pain med was the morning of my checkout - have had only a couple of Tylenols since then, so that's good!

I have been perusing the Revision Forum but haven't found much info on RNY to RNY - anyone have something like this, I'm sure I'm not unique! Just wonder how this works for a revision. I have restriction again, but does any metabolic benefit happen on a revised RNY? Anyway, I am babying my new baby tummy and recovering very well! :)


on 3/10/19 8:52 pm - Lafayette, IN

I have an upcoming revision due to ulcers. I had a perforated ulcer in the summer of 2017. My surgeon repaired the perforation but have had reoccurring ulcer since then, thus my upcoming revision. How are you? I hope well. I'd appreciate any advise ss I am very concerned about nutritional intake afterwards.

on 3/11/19 4:33 pm - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

Well, I can tell you that I DID get a boost to my weight loss. I'm back to my heavy weight-lifting and am now training for a Spartan race in 2020. The ulcer thing is something I have to watch always since apparently I'm prone to them and have silent symptoms. Insurance is a mess and I'm in hock to my eyeballs...but I'm here to enjoy the sunrise and hear my new grandsons giggles. Life is GOOD!

I hope things go well for you...I am pretty hyper about my protein and vitamins as I know how vital they are. Let me know how you're doing!


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