Dr. Shawn Garber Revision to DS or Distal

on 2/14/20 9:43 am - ROSEDALE, NY

I had Rny in 2010 and regained all of my weight I'm considering other surgery options other than the DS such as the distal and sips because I can't find a qualified surgery who excepts my insurance to do it. I'm in New York and it's been very difficult. I can't afford out of pocket. I have Medicaid. Anyone revised to the distal or DS and know of any doctors in my state New York with Medicaid. Can u share your experience?

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on 3/3/20 8:45 am - Irvine, CA

Hello! We have a few surgeons whom we can connect you with that do the SIPS and take Medicaid. Feel free to email us at [email protected] and our team can connect you directly to the office to help you with your quest for a revision.

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on 3/3/20 8:22 pm - ROSEDALE, NY

Okay thank you

on 8/23/20 3:26 pm - NY
Revision on 11/20/14

I am considering the DS revision from bypass. I have a consultation with Dr. Garber next week. I would love to know how it turned out for you and if you are still considering or already been revised.

Revision: Band to Bypass - 11/20/14

 Lap Band - 7/30/07 

on 8/23/20 7:31 pm - ROSEDALE, NY


I never went because I don't think he does revision and also I don't think he takes Medicaid because that's what I have. Can you let me know how it goes for you

on 8/27/20 8:01 am - NY
Revision on 11/20/14

I actually went to the virtual revision seminar this week and then had my consultation on zoom. I didn't speak with Dr. Garber but Dr. Chipman from the same practice, because she is the one that does the DS surgeries.

It went well and it was informative. Their practice seems good from what I can tell so far. I like that you can make a one day appointment to get almost all of your clearances in one day with them directly. For me, she recommended I NOT revise to the full DS because this is done in 2 surgeries and the first one can be 4-5 hours (reversing the bypass). I have some health issues that make this amount of surgery not a great option. She said we could do Distalization of the common channel. I didnt know that was an option! So, I have consults with 2 other surgeons and then I'll make my decision. I am not sure about medicaid but you could definitely call to find out.

Have you spoken with anyone else in the area that revises the gastric bypasses?

on 10/16/20 6:15 pm - East Patchogue, NY

I would love to hear how you're doing... I had gastric bypass with a surgeon from Dr. Garber's practice back in 2007. Lost 123 .... kept most of it off for several years but it crept back on and as of now I've gained a little over half back. I went through the whole process to get approved for band over bypass and was denied by insurance, even after all of the appeals, so I gave up. To hear there is another possible revision is exciting... please let me know if you got the revision and how you are doing.

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