Any regrets on revision from sleeve to bypass? Anything I need to know?

Kristie B.
on 9/15/20 7:23 pm - Surprise, AZ

Due to severe GERD and a failed attempt to repair a hiatal hernia last year I found out today that I will be having another hernia repair surgery and the surgeon also recommended revision from sleeve to bypass. He was driving while he was telling me this so the call kept cutting out but what I could gather from the conversation was that he would be putting in the order tonight and it can take anywhere from 3 to 15 days for my insurance to approve the surgery. He said with my history he didn't think there would be an issue with my insurance and I should be on the books for surgery within the month. What do I need to know about the revision? How will my life change? I understand I will have to do the liquids to solid graduation but what about after? He mentioned I will have to take vitamins and supplements. I use a patch now for my daily vitamin. Will this still be acceptable? Any regrets on having the revision? He didn't do my sleeve. I had that done at a military hospital in 2008. They made me take a class first but he didn't mention one for this time and I didn't think to ask when we were on the phone. And of course now my anxiety is at at all time high.


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