Scared to eat too much

on 9/2/11 2:20 am - South Charleston, WV
I am on soft/pureed now. I am so much happier getting to have food with taste. But now I am worried about eating too much. In the 3 days since I could do soft I have eaten about 4 times each day. only an ounce each time as I'm still trying to gague when I am full, and an ounce was what I was told to do.
My mom is also lecturing me about eating. I ate some pintos and cheese and she fussed at me. She keeps warning me not to stretch my pouch.

I was told I could have scrambeld eggs, but I learned today not to get my eggs out of a breakfast burrito from mcdonalds. they came right back up. I don't know if it was the spicyness or what but I really regretted those two bites of egg.

I know my body needs fuel still yet. But I am terrified of both eating too much and the wrong things. I am following my Dr.s guidelines but still feel worried.
on 9/2/11 3:07 am - MN
 I asked a similar question a few days ago and got a pretty negative reply but i won't do that to you.  lol  You are actually ahead of me post op so i can't really tell you how much to eat but i am starting pureed foods today at 3 tablespoons.  I start soft foods in about 3 weeks at 1/4 cup and then i am not sure how long i am on the 1/4 cup after that.  Thats what MY instructions from My surgeon tell me so i would maybe ask your nut. or whoever you have to call if i was you. good luck!  

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Mia H.
on 9/2/11 3:12 am - OH
 Stretching your pouch is not that easy to do.  I was told 2-4 oz for each meal, and eat 5-6 meals a day.  You will be able to eat more and feel the full as you heal.  

As for the eggs, I don't know what it is about them but many people cannot handle scramble eggs.  I am at 12 weeks and can't do them either.  The funny thing is that while many can't handle scrambled, they can handle it cooked other ways.  I love a poached egg and 1/2 piece of whole grain protein bread toasted for breakfast.  I also like hard boiled egg. 

Just keep on following your dr's guidelines and you will do fine. 
on 9/2/11 3:12 am - OH
Sounds like your mom doesn't know much about RNY if she worries that eating one ounce of food is going to stretch your pouch.  It's not.  Tell your mom you appreciate her concern but that you are following the plan your surgeon gave you and you don't need her to monitor your eating.  Suggest she can help in some other way.

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on 9/2/11 3:39 am - LA
Don;t be scared. I say that, but I was too!!  I was told by people who went before me to just eat slow. If you eat slow, you will be able to feel full. Better to eat 5 times a day little bit each time. I ate too fast/too much twice and i am sure it will happen again, but not on purpose! as the texture changes, you have to take tiny bites and slow down. and everyone is different in what they can tolerate! I can eat scramble eggs-I take two medium eggs and make an omelet with lf cheese. Can;t do hard boiled! Can do shellfish, but regular fish is hard. Can do wild duck (BF is a hunter) but have a rough time with chicken! Can do ground beef, lean, in a great chili with cheese. No problems with spices for me.  and having your mom looking over you I am sure is not helping a lot. do you all have a support group in your area? If so, you and mom need to go so she can see and hear what everyone has to say.

Take care, honey. You will do great!
I'm Ready!
on 9/2/11 5:56 am - Collierville, TN
 I am 2 months out and I still cant eat scrambled eggs.   EVERY time I eat them, (and chew and chew and chew) they come back up.   There are things out there more disgusting to puke up, but scrambled eggs are at the top of my list!!!!   I ended up with carnation instant breakfast complete in the mornings, becuase the tast of protein shakes (that I liked preop) made me gag and eggs were out!
Good luck to you!!!

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on 9/2/11 6:09 am
Yeah, I can't do eggs either. My pouch was very pissy and I did the stages a little longer. I would definitely speak to your NUT. Most people ARE scared to eat to much b/c this early on you really have no feeling. I know I was.

LOL Like the PP said, you will NOT stretch your pouch on 1oz of food.
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on 9/2/11 7:00 am
Follow your plan by measuring what you were told to measure.  If you feel full before stop, however, I don't recommend you eat more then your surgeon recommended.  Pouch sizes vary.  Eat what you can within the timeframe your surgeon gave you if you were given one.  I was told eat in 20 minutes, after that stop.

Eggs are tough on many of us early out and some of us still have to watch them long-term.  When you try eggs again make them at home and keep them moist to see how your pouch handles it.

Your mom needs to settle down and back off.  Pintos and cheese is not going to stretch your pouch, you'd have to eat a WHOLE LOT to do that repeatedly.

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on 9/2/11 7:11 am
Hi Stacey, while I'm still on liquids for another week, I have been checking ahead to be sure I'm ready when that time comes.  I think it was on the eggface website (lots of great receipes there) and read to cook the eggs just till they are almost done, so they stay moister and to put a sprinkle of cheese on them.  Maybe try it that way. 

You can also let your mom know that the beans and cheese are acceptable as long as the serving size is within your diet.  My surgeon actually recommended this to me because he knows I love bean and cheese burritos. 

Hang in there, hope things get better with your mom, although I believe this is how she is trying to show her support, however misguided it may seem.

on 9/3/11 3:28 am - South Charleston, WV
Thanks everyone for  the advice.
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