I don't feel good

on 4/20/11 8:44 am - AZ
Guys - I really need help.  I call my the nurse practitioner about this and she's nice but just doesn't realize the degree of what's going on.  I hope ya'll can relate or something.

1. My stomach hurts, like someone punched me the stomach. This happens most often with I eat and drink. Most of the time, it's on the first bite.  I only eat  a few bites because the pain is just too much to tolerate.  Drinking is the same way. A few sips and there's that pain. So, I am now eating about 75 calories and drinking about 25 oz  on a daily basis.  I've been on Protonix, Prilocec and now Pepcid.

2.  I have a horrible dry, sour mouth that extends all the way down my esophagus. Drinking makes the sour tast worse.

3.  I'm so tired, the only thing  I want to do is sit in front of the TV or sleep.

I honestly feel like I'm just waiting for death to come.

What do I do? 

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on 4/20/11 8:51 am
I would go to ER!!!!  At the very least, you are deyhrated and need an I.V.

Did you get a leak test?  IDK the signs for a leak, I hope someone more knoweledgable gets on here quick.

on 4/20/11 8:51 am - TX
If you can tolerate it another night, first thing in the morning, find out where your doc will be and let his office know that you're coming in to see him.  There are times when you just have to physically be there in front of them to get someone's attention.

You have to be dehydrated given the small amount of fluid you're getting.  You other option is to head for an ER, let them hydrate you, and have them take a look at your tummy.
on 4/20/11 8:52 am
I am not a doctor, but if I were you, I would talk to one.  Sounds like something is wrong like maybe an infection or something.  I have never experienced anything like you talk about except maybe the first couple of days after surgery.  Please call your doctor, and maybe be more urgent about your symptoms.
on 4/20/11 8:53 am, edited 4/20/11 8:55 am - Washingtonville, PA

I havent had my surgery yet, so I cant relate... Do you have a fever? I would call and MAKE her understand. If she wont listen, talk to someone who will. You may need to go to the Emergency Dept... Maybe they can do a CAT scan and make sure your stomach is ok, no leaks or anything. My surgeon did say if you have a leak, you will know it. Its painful. I really think you should go to the ER. I hope its nothing serious, but better safe than sorry. Keep us posted!

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on 4/20/11 8:57 am

Do you have a fever?  This is very important.
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on 4/20/11 9:01 am
VSG on 03/14/11 with
Personally, and no offense, but you are playing with fire, my dear. You have not felt well in a while and are prob and most definitely dehydrated, at the very least. My advice is to get yourself to the ER. At least there, they can't turn you away. Sounds like you need all the help you can get . Hang in there, sweets!
on 4/20/11 9:03 am - AZ
No fever but I am often nausiated. I'm on nausea meds now. Ok. well...do you think that going to my local ER would be okay or should I go to hospital where I had surgery. It's about 1 hour drive one way.
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on 4/20/11 9:07 am
I would go to the hosp you had surgery, because one of the surgeons from your surgeons group will be on call, they will take a little more vested interest in your case.  If your lucky, your surgeon will be on call.  You can ask.
on 4/20/11 9:07 am - Vancouver, WA
If you can make the drive safely I would go to the hospital where you had the surgery.  It's best to go where they have docs that are experienced in bariatric surgery.  I would definately go though.  It sounds to me like you are really dehydrated.  I suspect you arent peeing very much?
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