Trapped Gas

on 4/22/11 8:03 am - Bronx, NY
I'm having some major gas problems. Since I came home from the hospital I felt like my stomach was having spasms. I would run to the bathroom in complete agony and have a very liquidy stool with frequent bouts of gas. Now a few days later, I feel like the gas is trapped in my abdomen and is creating twisting pain. Has this happened to anyone? What can I do to make it stop? I've tried gas pills. I've been walking, I'm at my wits end. Please help!

on 4/22/11 9:16 am
Sorry you're in such pain. 
I was sore from the trapped gas in my abdomen for about a week, but did not have to battle gas inside my digestive tract....I was on liquids for almost 3 weeks before and on liquids for another 3 weeks after surgery, so loose was the rule, but little to no gas. 
I've got friends at work that became lactose intolerant after surgery.  Cramping and gas is symptomatic of that too.   Have you tried switching from milk based drinks to soy or almond, etc? 
Finally, have you checked with your doctor?  When the pain gets to agony level, it's time to check in for me. 
Hope it passes soon (no pun intended) and you feel better.
on 4/22/11 9:18 am
I haven't had my surgery yet but have had 3 C-Sections, Gallbladder removed , Appendix and Hysterectomy . only the gallbladder surgery was laparoscopic ..SO I know GAS pains well ..
and the only thing that worked for me was a enema ... in spite my embarrassment for asking to have one the pain relief was well worth it

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