10 days post op

on 5/4/11 4:33 am - CA
Just a quick check in. I've gotten in 38 grams of protein so far today, 230 calories, 11 carbs. Not sure where that stacks up with where I'm supposed to be but thats where i'm at aftyer breakfast' protein shake' & lunch. I'm headed off to my 3rd day of work. Struggled day 1 putting in 4 hrs. I did 7 hrs easily yesterday. No acid reflux or pain. Incisions almost completed healed. I feel great & am so happy I made this life altering choice to have WLS. Everyone have a good day.
on 5/4/11 5:34 am
Congrats on your surgery.  I am 7 days out.  I am happy your are doing OK at work.  That must be tuff.  I still concentrate on drinking all day long!  I am praying for success in your journey.
on 5/4/11 5:46 am - MI
Glad you are doing so well. I think you are doing a fine job - just keep pushing that protein. Good luck in your journey~
                                      WHOOO BABY - I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!
on 5/4/11 8:03 am - Southern, CA
VSG on 01/31/11 with
Congrats on your new sleeve Sonya. Glad to hear your handling recovery just fine...well with the usual rough first couple of days of course :) Have a great day yourself!
*Hugs* Missy

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