on 5/5/11 11:15 pm
VSG on 12/20/10 with
Hi all. I'm scared. I woke up shaking and had a temp of 101.2. Took some Tylenol, and the fe er went down. My problem now is, do I go to the er given the fact that I have a chronic anatomic leak in my sleeve or do I wait inept out? Going to the er runs risking a day to waste and needles and waiting for peole to do nothing, plus vie developed a complete phobia to ers. I pretty much neqed to be unconscious if you want me in one. They make me swirl into a panic attack (no doubt due from all the drama associated with this leak). But if I wait and there is infection, it's spreading. Damned either way. I wish I could explain how tired I am of all this, but I don't think anyone would get it unless they walked the road.
on 5/5/11 11:19 pm, edited 5/5/11 11:20 pm - New Orleans
You're in too fragile of a condition to wait & see. Are you still working with the Mayo Clinic? Anyway to get ahold of your surgeon? Go to the doctor, please.

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VSG on 12/20/10 with
I love your signature!! It's too great! My nre surgeons office doesn't have an on call dr, so I'm waiting till they open at 8 to see what he wants me to do. (it's just a little over an hour). This way I figure he either can see me in the office, or tell me to go to the er, and either way I think I'll be seen faster. What a train wreck! Oh, and I really liked your comment on the sabotage one...I would give almost anything for my problem to be a stall. (not diminishing the annoyance that comes with them after you've had major surgery to lose weight!!!) they are annoying as hell!!!!! But things could be so much worse. Even for me, I feel bad complaining because at least I'm alive! I get to see my baby boy and hug him and tell him his mommy loves him. Not everyone is that fortunate. God bless.
on 5/5/11 11:37 pm - New Orleans
You know what?  You are an honest-to-God angel.  Not for your kind words, but because of your amazing resolve & attitude.  It should serve as an inspiration to others.

Current weight: 170 lbs.

Once I reach goal, this cow will be killed & eaten... 2 ounces at a time.

Total includes 56 lbs. lost on 2-month low carb pre-op diet.  Start date 9/13/10.

on 5/5/11 11:20 pm - TX
I have read some of your previous posts and just want you to know my heart goes out to you.   I can't imagine what you've had to deal with through all of this.  As I read your latest post, I can't help but think you need to take action immediately.  I would strongly suggest you make a call to your surgeon ASAP.  Although your fever may be related to something else (virus, etc) with the issues you've been dealing with PLEASE don't take any chances..your life and health are too precious.

I'll be praying for you this morning.


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on 5/5/11 11:23 pm - TN

I feel so terrible for all you have been going through. I cannot wait until I get to come on here and read a post from you saying that things are looking up. You deserve some relief and soon.

I agree with the other poster. As bad as ERs are, waiting it out could be worse. I would go.

Best of luck, chicky. Thanks for keeping us updated. Please hang in there. You are always thought of around here.



on 5/5/11 11:37 pm - Houston, TX
Bless your heart. This road has been such a struggle for you and I am truly sorry.

Don't wait, with your history it could be serious. Take care of yourself. I know the leak is your reality right now, but it's not your forever.
But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. ~2 Chronicles 15:7 
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on 5/6/11 12:31 am
Oh goodness! You just can't seem to get a break can you?!  I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you and all that you have had to go through. I pray that your leak gets resolved soon! Now make sure that you get ahold of that doctor right away!!
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on 5/6/11 1:39 am
I would wait until the office opens and be on the phone asap to them. Only because it will take the ER that long to intake you ! do not take any more tylenol, if it is an infection or leak, you don't want anything masking the symptoms...

I have followed your progress, and continue to pray for your healing.
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on 5/6/11 2:47 am - OH
I think if I were you I would contact the dr at the Mayo clinic that you are to see. maybe he/she will have some Ideals, Im sooo sorry you are going through all of this, you certainly are a tough lady, keep hanging in there I know how very hard this has got to be on all of you, again Im sooo sorry.

     I'm Still a work in progress, I wont give up the quest to reclaim my life, I will be whole again someday!
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