2 wks post op update

on 5/9/11 9:33 am - CA
     Just kinda curious at where I'm stackin up against other VSG'ers that had their sleeve around the same time as me...4/25/11. I've lost 14lbs since my surgery 2 wks ago-a total of 17 lbs in 17days if you count weigh lost as a result of the 3 day pre op liquid diet.
     I am supposed to be on full liquids for another 6 days which according to my surgeon allows for cream of wheat or basically anything I can pour. I spent the last 3 days camping in tents, sleeping semi-comfortably on the ground with my family at the beach. During that time I had clam chowder-you can pour it right?-and I did fine with that. I did throw out the clams, celery, potatoe--anything not cream soup, and it was wonderful. Not sure how my surgeon will feel when I tell him on Wed??
     I am going on my 2nd week back at work at a desk job and performing up to my usual high standards but I would definitely say if you have a physical job DONT even try going back after only 1 week.
     I am falling short on my protein about 20 grams a day--only getting about 50-60 of the 80 I was told to get daily by my NUT. I'm wondering from any of you old timers out there if any did not get in a ton of protein and still had satisfactory results?? How crucial is this stinkin protein???
     Also I havent made it to the gym to work out yet. I am doing my walking--about 15 min twice a day besides working 8 hr days but no cardio or excelerated physical fitness since surgery. I do have a membership to In Shape and intend to start going a couple times a week. Where is everyone else with their exercise??
     I'd appreciate any input. thanks
on 5/9/11 9:56 am - MI
I also had surg on 4/25/11, I am down 12 pounds since surgery, I had a 2 week pre-diet and lost about 10 pounds on that....

HW: 305, Consult: 285, Day of surg:261

Randy G.
on 5/9/11 10:18 am - TX
VSG on 04/26/11 with
I had surgery on 04/26/11. Prior to surgery I was on a 3 week, 1200 calorie diet and I lost 24lbs. Since surgery I have lost an additional 23 pounds. The loss has slowed down over the last couple of days, but I'm hoping once I'm fully released I can kick it back into gear.
on 5/9/11 10:20 am
Regarding your protein question, each NUT and surgeon is a bit different on this issue. My NUT told me not to worry at all about protein in the first 3 months, so I just tracked calories. I am still not getting 80g of protein in each day - but I have no deficiencies and I am losing weight each week. I also haven't had a stal in almost 7 months so I like my plan.

But I have found that we are all unique and must find what works best for us. I have never had a plan that worked before so I am sticking to mine like glue.

Good luck with your recovery. Two more weeks and you will begin to feel like a normal human being again.

Lori H.
Jennifer S.
on 5/9/11 10:27 am - CA
 I had surgery on 4/28/11 and am down 17lbs.

I am ok on the protien drinks. I was told if I didnt get enough in I could loose hair. I am fine anyways, love the water. I can eat soft foods now. Slow and easy as it goes. Nothing upsets my tummy yet.

I went back to work in 6 days and felt great. I walk at work (waitress) so I was waiting to get my staples removed to go to gym (got them removed today).

This has been so much easier then my mind led me to believe. :) 
Lisa S.
on 5/9/11 10:34 am - TX
Congrats on your great start! That's really great to hear. I had my surgery on the 26th, and I am down 26 pounds so far. I have been walking between 1-2 miles a day. I think that helps. I also just started my mushies. I really hate to eat a lot of the mushy stuff, because those were my "thing" before surgery. Love me some mashed taters! But-I can't eat that much of anything anyway. I got a half of an egg in tonight for dinner, and I am very full. The only way I can get in the 60g of protein is by doing the protein shots that they have at walmart. They don't taste that great, (very sweet) but each shot has 26g of protein. I saw on here yesterday that they have some new ones that have 46g per shot. I'm ordering those soon!

Best of luck to you as you lose!

on 5/9/11 11:52 am - TN
Hey there and congradulations!! I was sleved 4-25-11 and have lost 14 lbs since leaving the hosp. With my diet I an to consume 40 plus gms of protein and drink at least 64 oz od liquids. Doing ok with all that I am needing to walk more. Have to do better with that but I am doing some arm weights just to get that arm toning in. Not even doing anthing else until 6 weeks is up due to the surgery time line set my Dr. 
Sounds like you/we are doin AOK!

Wishing you the BEST!!

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