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So I am on my 6th day of very heavy bleeding and cramping on my 3rd period since surgery...how long should I expect this irregularity (usually only 2 days heavy, 5-6 days total bleeding)? When do I  consult my GYN? When is this no longer considered a side-effect of rapid weight loss?
I am so exhausted and cannot go through this every month indefinitely.  I am at the point where I am adding more exercise and am getting completely wiped out (for days) by a 30 minute Zumba class. I just don't want to complain to my GYN only to be told that it is normal post WLS and to wait for it to normalize. Maybe I am a big baby but I am not willing to go through months and months of this only to find out that this is the new "normal" for me.

So, should I wait a few months or consult my gyn soon.  I am 51 and my mom had problems with heavy periods when she was pre-menopausal - so there's a good chance I will be blessed with the same.

And..on top of all this, my weightloss is at a standstill - ugh!!!

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This could be an obgyn issue.   Heavy bleeding could be time for the change or not.      You are not being a baby.   Time for a check up just in case and have your bloodwork checked too. 

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Thanks Caroline! This isn't new since surgery but is definitly worse. It is nearly time for my annual check anyway... cheers!

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personally I think this warrants a call to your OB/GYN.  You shouldn't have to go through this every month.  Since it is not wise to have a baby so soon after surgery (not sure if you were planning on that or not any time soon), it wouldn't hurt to get on some kind of birth control to regulate that a bit or see what other options are out there. 
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No, no, no - no babies - I am 51 and have my tube tied and my husband has a vasectomy thank goodness.  Because of my age and past hypertension BC probably is not the best choice I would think. Hopefully she can come up with something...

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I would so consult my obgyn, having heavy periods like that and being so tired sounds like you might be anemic, I was and was sooooooooo tired I could hardly walk and breathe at the same time.
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I'd take a trip to the gyn.. my mother had the same issue about the same time, it was right before she hit menopause.. 6 months of crazy heavy periods, then she's go months without, then get another doozy. Good luck!
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I am having the same issue.  I got it normally last month and then two weeks later, BAM...it's back.  And I have never had one so heavy.  This is day 10 and it is just now subsiding.   I have read that it is pretty normal after WLS. 

If it keeps up like this I will def call the GYN, but at this point in life I do not want to go back on the pill.  I had my tubal done for a reason! 

good luck to you.  Hope you find relief soon!

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i have heavy periods... and I have to see what method of birthcontrol to use after now i had the surgery. I was reading online that eating veggies with alot of vitamin K lessens the heavy flow!! and  it worked!  your obgyn is certainly the person to talk to though. Im just sharing my experience that i had with heavy periods and heavy cramping

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You are not alone. I am on my 2nd period since my surgery April 12th with no end in sight for this one I had my period a week before surgery and it came 4 days after surgery. During one of my follow up visits I asked my surgeon about this. He said it is normal after surgery and happens to a lot of women. I had to see my OB GYN doctor to get clearance. I will see what next month holds I might have be see my doctor again. I am taking iron pills faithfully.