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on 6/11/11 10:27 am - Bronx, NY
So last night I'm taking out my braids. When I start to comb it, tons of hair comes outs. At first I didn't think it was so bad. Today I went to the beauty parlor for a relaxer, and my beautician says, "You're losing your hair. I think it's because of your diet".

I've been taking Biotin since late April thinking I would be okay, but it didn't work for me. I couldn't even get my relaxer today. I'm crushed. How long did it take for everyone's hair to start growing back?

on 6/11/11 10:32 am
Unfortunately biotin doesn't prevent the hair loss, although it may make your remaining hair stronger.  Not sure on that, it seems to have done wonders for my nails but not so much for my hair.  I also tried Nioxin shampoo, based on posts here, and again, no-go as far as preventing hair loss.  It just happens, partially as a result of surgery (any surgery), and partly as a result of the drastically reduced nutrition. 

I started losing my hair right about when you did, three months, and it lasted to about 7 months.  My hairdresser was appalled, because I didn't have much to start with.  But it's growing back in a soft little undergrowth.  I was using Toppik before surgery, to mask the sight of my scalp, and just continued using it thru the hair loss.  Still do.

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on 6/11/11 11:41 am
I totally understand your concern, I started losing a few months after the surgery and I really haven't stopped except for maybe a few weeks at a time. I struggle with the protein intake on a daily basis even so far out from surgery. I have tried EVERYTHING!! The Biotin helped but only when I took it consistently. I did take Phytopills and used the ampules on my scalp, it seemed to slow the loss when I used it but it started again when I stopped. I got a kit from Sephora that had both and a shampoo, but they don't carry that kit anymore. I would try the pills and the ampules.
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I am taking Biotin and a hair, nails, skin formula from QVC, by Dr. Weisman and I take a prenatal. I find that the hair loss is much less and I have tons of new growth on my crown, but the hair is atleast there. 

On another note, dermatologists have strongly recommended against braids that are tight to the scalp for anyone since they cause Traction Alopecia. The pulling of the hair can distort the hair bulb and pull it out, permanently damaging the hair follicle. I would stop putting my hair in braids if I were you, and NO RELAXERS for a long, long, time. There are many other options that are not as harmful to the hair. I am going to see a dermatologist here soon if I don't figure out how to stop my hair loss. I heard that there are injections in the scalp that can stop the hair loss, and help with hair regrowth. 

I wish you well,

on 6/11/11 11:52 am - Los Angeles, CA
It can be disconcerting, especially if, like me, you have thin hair to begin with!  I started noticing a substantial increase in the hair loss at 2 1/2 months post op.   It finally slowed down to just a few hairs - like it was before surgery, about 3 weeks ago (7 months post-op).  I have been taking Biotin since about one month post-op, and I also used Nioxin shampoo, but like others have said, it really did nothing for the hair loss.  I'm afraid the only thing that'll cure that is time.  Hang in there though, because it does grow back.  I have about a 2 inch thicket of new growth all over my head, which makes it look kindda interesting, since I have long hair.  

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on 6/11/11 12:03 pm
Don't waster your money sweetie.  If any of the stuff worked, there would be no such thing as baldness.  The only thing that works is time.  Be gentle with your hair, try not to pull it up into braids or and bru**** very gently.  Losing weight quickly causes hair loss.

Mine started 3 months post op and is just starting to slow down (I am 5 1/2 months out)

Good will get better :)
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on 6/11/11 1:04 pm - Irvine, CA
 Well I was told Evening Prime Rose Oil
Helps with that Also my NuT said I need to be at 70-80 in Protein a day.

 Im 6 weeks out I will defiantly keep u posted how Im doing. And its also a major surgery I iremember after have my C-Section I lost alot of hair after 3 months

F.Y.I. Evening primerose Oil works wonders also for your periods it calms u as well

And yes do not put any extensions or flat iron ur hair it will jsut damage it more

Hey the good thing is ur hair will grow back
XOXO Thanks for the Support            
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on 6/11/11 1:17 pm
I have no comments directly to the post as I am having my surgery in a couple of weeks.  Reading her and the replies has me scared.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?  Does it happen to everyone?
on 6/11/11 1:44 pm - MN
It's my understanding there's not much you can do to prevent hair loss. It's called telogen effluvium (Google it) and these products won't help.


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on 6/12/11 10:22 am
 Ok, thanks for the info!
on 6/11/11 1:51 pm - NY
are you sure it's okay to be doing hair treatments right after surgery (as in relaxing it i.e.)? I usually have Brazilian keratin it makes my hair almost straight but since surgery I haven't had the guts to do anything besides having a haircut.

I meant to ask it here, wonder if someone knows.


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