how long do the cramps and belchng take to go away

on 7/16/11 1:06 am - LA
I had my surgery on Tuesday and everytime I take a sip of anything when it goes down it graps me and then I have belching.  Does not make it easy to sip sip sip!  When does this get better?  I am getting a little depressed..... ahhh
janine A.
on 7/16/11 1:14 am
my surgery was also tuesday and i had the belching and some gas pains they put alot of air in you so and it took time for me to learn how to sip my drinks i used a medicine cup and every 20 mins i took water and sipped it out of there now i am actually sipping tomato soup and i havent tried to do pureeds yet. give it some more time can u take gas x. was depressed the day after surgery i had buyers remorse but this is what i wanted and now that i see me loosing weight i weighed myself im feeling so much better
on 7/16/11 1:21 am - Lincoln, NE
It should improve in a few days. Like janine said it is probably leftover gas from the anesthestic. I found that being as physically active as your body can tolerate helps dissipate the gas.
Rich Sonderegger
Ms. Poker Face
on 7/16/11 1:48 am
Right around day 5 sipping got easier for me.  But please do keep sipping to avoid dehydration!


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Sandy S.
on 7/16/11 2:01 am
I was lucky.  I just did not have those problems, but I remember my doc saying walking helps with the gas>  Good luck.  The crummy feeling gets better with everyday that passes
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on 7/16/11 6:09 am - Lawton, OK
I had my surgery on the 5th of July. It took me almost a week before they went away. You still will have a 'burp' here and there but nothing like the first week. Give your body time to heal and relax. It will get better

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on 7/16/11 7:57 am, edited 7/16/11 7:59 am - LA
Thanks everyone....I appreciate all your help.  I was starting to get depressed about it all but if this part gets better after a week I can make it!