Almost 5 months out

on 7/31/11 7:33 am - AZ
Hi All:

I haven't been on here in a little while. So, here's a short update. I finally love this choice. No health issues anymore. I'm still eating small meals but can eat whatever I want. I just don't because if I eat the wrong thing, then there is no room for the right things and then I don't feel good.  Every once in a while I'll eat  a small piece of chocolate or a few cheetos but that's it. I'm very happy again.

I've lost a total of 62 lbs and need to loose another 12 lbs to hit my goal of 145.  The weight is coming off very slowly now at about a few ounces a week, but it is still coming off so I'm not complaining. I've gone from wearing a 20W to a size 10 in misses.  I love my new size.

I'm 55 so lossing the weight this fast has given me the extra skin problem, but I just cover it up and then no one knows! LOL

I hope that those that are just beginning their journey have an easier time than I did at first, but eventually, I guess we all end up happy.

on 7/31/11 7:54 am

I'm so glad things are going better for you.  I was wondering about you!  It's nice to hear things are good for you again.

:) Happy

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on 7/31/11 8:52 am - La Puente, CA
How Fabulous for you!!! Updates are always encouraging especially hearing no stalls!! Slow downs are still a great thing I will take weight loss of ounces over no change any day!!
Jan in Cali,  5ft  Sw 224                       
on 7/31/11 9:17 am - MD

It's so nice to see people are happy with their choice of WLS and are overall happy with life. Gives hope to the rest of us, thanks for sharing
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on 7/31/11 9:59 am
VSG on 07/19/11 with
Good for you. I am glad to hear that  you are happy. May I ask, did you lose much hair? I am 56 and worried about that. 


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on 7/31/11 10:05 am - AZ
Hi Faye56: 

Unfortunately, I am in the process of losing a lot of hair now. You'll get a kick out of this. My housekeeper actually raised the price of what I pay because the hair in my bathroom is so rediculous!  Honestly, there is hair everywhere.  However, I only notice it a little from my head. I notice it mostly in the bathroom.  I am trying to only wash my hair once a week and only bru**** twice a day. I don't know if that works but, so far I'm not bald! LOL.