on 9/16/11 5:49 am - Nashville, TN
As of today, my bmi is officially 29.9! WOW. I can't believe it. I started out at 53 9 a little over 9 months ago! Not only that, but I've lost 143 lbs as of today. I have about another 30 or so to lose. Losing has definitely slowed down a bit... I was losing about 11-12 lbs a month mid process, last month I lost 5 and this month, so far I've lost 5. I'm very happy with my sleeve and how it helps me every day. Its hard to identify with the person I was last November, but I'm very thankful she was brave enough to go through with surgery despite her fears :) I eat on plan, but am not afraid to have a small treat now and again, I have great restriction, work out weekly and overall live a much healthier life. I encourage anyone who's thinking about the sleeve to go for it! Its the best decision I've ever made for me. Thanks to all the vets who continue to post their wisdom here and on the maintainence forum. Best of luck to everyone!
Natalie S.
on 9/16/11 6:04 am - San Jose, CA
VSG on 05/09/12
Thank you for the encouragement and a glimpse of is what to come! Keep up the great work and I hope to have great success once I get through the insurance/approval stage. :)
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on 9/16/11 6:06 am - Glen Burnie, MD
Thank you for the encouragement. I have decided, after years of putting it off, to start the process of having the VSG. I'm have been doing a lot of research. I really appreciate this site.
on 9/16/11 8:05 am - GA
Thanks for the engagement!!!  I just need to get through the insurance stage.  If everything goes well I hope to have mines done in November. 
on 9/16/11 10:05 am
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on 9/16/11 10:21 am
That's amazing! Thanks for the story, you're an inspiration!!
on 9/16/11 11:47 am - GA
Your results are awsome!!!! and your hard work is paying off. I'm on the verge of my surgery. I'ev been approved and mon, wed and fri next week i meet the nutritionist for the last time before surgery and have all my pre surgery stuff ekg, heart echo thing, stress test and so forth. I am so ready for them to set the date already..

Keep posting its so encouraging for all us pre surgery folks
on 9/18/11 5:15 am - Canada
Well done you! That's great work and next fall I hope to be able to post something similar. You eat on plan and those are four important words... a good reminder! I'm feeling this was the best thing I've done for myself in decades ... maybe in my life. And the inspiration I find on this site through posts like yours, the occasional butt-kicking from straight talking vets and the many success stories help keep me on the straight and narrow (and getting narrower every day... lol)
Thanks for sharing.
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