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on 9/29/11 6:15 am - Bronx, NY
So, two weeks ago, I jumped on the scale and I was 163lbs. I worked out and eat well and the next week I went down to 160.8lbs. I was happy with that. I continued to eat well and go to the gym. Today I hopped on the scale and it said I was 163.6lbs. What is going on? I'm 6 months out. I eat anywhere between 600-850 calories a day. I go to the gym 3 times a week. I do 90 minutes of cardio and in addition to that, two of the 3  days, I do weight training with a personal trainer. Can someone give me a clue of what I'm doing wrong? I'm 20lbs away from my goal and I really want to make this happen. Please help!!!!

on 9/29/11 6:28 am
I think it's too soon to stress about this... I stall/bounce up ALL.THE.TIME. Some weeks I gain, others I drop 5lbs.

Be patient with your body, sometimes it just needs to adjust to everything that's going on. You can gain muscle/lose fat, lose inches (scale stays the same), be retaining fluids (or poo, LOL)... even hormonal things and sodium play a role.

Take a deep breath, some photos, and some measurements. It helps me when I can measure my progress in way OTHER than the scale.

on 9/29/11 6:44 am - CA
a friend of mine had the same issue however when we went shopping 2 days later she had dropped a dress size. Muscle weights more than fat so you should check inches instead of body weight. good luck.
on 9/29/11 7:29 am
First..... Sista Big Bone.......

Congrats on your WL..... you are so doin it !!!!!

Your plan sounds spot on.....just keep doin what your doing !!!!

The last twenty is a fight !!!! A fight you can win !!!!

Try and think about knocking it down 5ibs. at a time.....

You got this !!!!


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on 9/29/11 7:38 am - Bronx, NY

Thanks guys! I'm super hungry right now too. I think I'm PMSing. I never get this hungry ever.

on 9/29/11 8:37 am
first of all, your doing great!!! Second, i wouldnt worry so much maybe its water retention. Also at 6 months is when i started bouncing like crazy from one number to the next, i think its just a way our bodies are adjusting after your 6 month mark. Keep up the good work and your almost there. :)
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