Three weeks Post Op and Stuck

on 10/10/11 10:47 pm - FL
 I had my sleeve on 9/22/11. I lost 11 pound in the first ten days or so, then stopped. Haven't lost an ounce in the last 10 days. Anyone have a similar experience?
on 10/10/11 10:49 pm
Sounds like you might have hit an early stall. I know I lost lots the first week and 2nd week once I introduced protein drinks my weight stopped for like 2 days and then started rolling again at about a pound a day.

Any chance are you a 'lite weight' person? If so, I don't think you will lose like the heavy weight people.

Hang in there, it will start falling off again soon.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
M10- 4 M11 - 5 M12 - 0

on 10/10/11 10:58 pm - FL
 My starting weight was 248 - I've never been called a light weight;-) I've been doing protein drinks since day 3. Thanks for the encouragement. 
on 10/10/11 11:25 pm - NC
I know exactly what you are talking about. I was sleeved on 09/14/11 and within the first two weeks I lost 17 pounds. But I have been stalled for over a week. I have not lost a pound in over 7-8 days. Yesterday I got on the scale I had lost 6 oz. Not much but I will take it. Its very frustrating I know but we just have to push past it and know that it will eventually get better. Even though the scale hasn't moved I can tell that I am losing inches so I know something is happening. I think this is the part where our patience is really tested.
on 10/10/11 11:42 pm - FL
 Thanks. It's comforting to know I am not the only one. I'm not losing inches yet, but I'm keeping fingers crossed that it'll start happening soon.
on 10/10/11 11:36 pm
Fortunately, I haven't hit a stall YET and 3.5 weeks out. I know it could happen any day and prepared for it but probably won't like it one bit.

I just call myself a heavy weight because I have 140 lbs to lose to get to my goal but I think I have it set low and might change it but who knows.

Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
M10- 4 M11 - 5 M12 - 0

on 10/11/11 12:18 am - TX
I had the dreaded 3 week stall. Lasted almost 7 weeks. But in the grand scheme of things, I have lost 70 lbs in 4 1/2 months (18 lbs pre-op), so you will get there. I know how traumatizing stalls can be, but hang in there. Follow your program and it will come off!! I promise.
on 10/11/11 1:22 am - FL
 Wow - 7 weeks??!!! Okay, now I feel better. Thanks for sharing that.
on 10/11/11 5:57 am - los angeles, CA

Hold up your 3 week stall lasted 7 weeks?  I don't know why i didn't see that I've been looking for folks who have had a similar experience as mine.  I only weigh in the Dr's office and i did not lose anything for the first 12 days.  Then at 6 weeks I'd lost 8lbs and then nothing.  Last night i cheated and weighed myself on 10 different scales at the store and according to them I've gained 4lbs back from what I lost, which of course is impossible because I'm taking in between 600-800 cals a day and 30-40 carb. It is however debilitating to see those #'s. How did you get through your 7 weeks?  and did the weight come off in a consistent fashion after that.  you've done amazingly i was just looking at your photos.

Thanks in advance.
on 10/11/11 6:05 am - TX

I am a stair step loser. I stall for several weeks then drop, then stall again. It is the most frustrating thing!! I got through it by getting on here and leting the vets talk me down. I knew that if I just stayed on course, the weight would come off, and it did. I stay in ketosis, have since surgery. I just keep checking my urine and I know as long as I am in ketosis and working out and drinking the water, I will see a big drop so that is how I get through it:)

It will come off you, you may just be like me and lose it in stages!! Good luck, Im right here with you...


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