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Hello everyone I will be 4 months out on 1/20, I live in Louisiana, way down south, I am having trouble with not knowing what to eat, my weight loss has been slow, but I want to lose more, but am having a lot of trouble with not knowing what to eat that's high in protien, i know i'm not getting in enough protien, I like to eat meat, but not big on veggie's, I need so much help so i can get to my goal weight. Can anyone give me a menu of what i should be eating to get in all my protien in in a day.
Thanks for any help.
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on 1/10/12 11:38 am
Didn't your surgeon's nutritionist give you a list?  FWIW in the post op at my surgeon's office they told us that we would need to have a whey protein shake everyday and then to follow a 3-2-1 pattern when eating, which is to eat 3 bites of protein, then 2 bites of vegetables, then 1 bite of starch if you are having any, then start back at 3 bites of protein again and repeat.  Also are you doing any exercise?  We were told to at least walk 30 minutes every day.

Hope that helps a bit.
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My advice is to eat fish, chicken, beans, and some veggies have a protein drink if you can`t decide what to eat. Make sure to take vitamins. Have an egg also. Look on this website people have lots of different idea`s for meals. Contact your Dr.`s office they might have a menu you can follow. Good luck!
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Those are both very helpful, THANKS!  

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I highly recommend reading a daily thread that's posted here... you'll get lots of menu ideas!  It's called Whatcha Eating Today VSGers?  Usually Ms_Shell or I post it by mid-day.

I eat mostly the following:

protein shakes
eggs in all different forms
cheese (be careful due to fat which drives up calories)
nuts (be careful due to fat which drives up calories)
peanut butter (be careful due to carbs & fat)
non-starchy veggies like broccoli, green beans, spinach, cucumbers

I avoid fried versions of these things.  And I add condiments, spices, flavors, seasonings that are low in calories but high in flavor to add variety and keep it interesting.

Good luck!


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Hi. Looks like we have the same surgery date. I hope everything is going good for you.

I have a protein drink every day and a snack that usually consist of 2 crackers with reduced fat peanut butter. Then I eat 3 meals, usually all meat. I eat very little veggies (I do drink V8 every day to supplement the veggies). My favorite meats are ground lean beef, shrimp, salmon, talapia, steak (lean). All of these have pretty high protein. Eggs also have good protein
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Thanks to everyone who commented, everything was very helpful.
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I live in NOLA.
I'd tell you... contact your surgeon and your nutritionist. There's no substitute for that. I was given a huge book of 'what to eat' so that's what I follow primarily.
The benefit? We've got access to a truckload of amazing food. I can easily stick with seafood no matter what. It's high in protein and good for you.
My doc only gave me a few rules: no fried, no simple sugars, no carbonated drinks.
I use to track my food. Tracking may help you, as well.