My 1st week back to work. Need quick food advice.

on 2/4/12 1:54 pm - Ceres , CA
I have been off of work since Nov. 22, 2011. Well I made it through my first very busy week. I was so tired this week and there was no exercise, but I'm sure I will figure out a schedule.
I need advice on what is simple and easy to eat in the morning time prior to work.
I don't feel hungry, but I know I need to eat something. When I was home it took me about an hour after waking up to eat. I just don't have this luxury anymore. My time at work is very structured. Start at  8:30am, break, 30 min lunch, break, off at 5pm then dinner. I work in the operating room so no food allowed at my desk.


on 2/4/12 1:57 pm - CA
I drink a protein shake on the way to work and have yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop protein powder during my morning break.  I'm not really an eat as soon as I wake up girl so that's my morning routine on days off too.
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on 2/4/12 1:59 pm
protien drink or bar for breakfast. Yogurt.
Lunch or snack: string cheese and deli meat. Chicken breast, tuna, egg salad or hard boiled egg.
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on 2/4/12 2:32 pm - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

I worked in an ER hospital..animals..but still crazy regulated by OSHA. So protein shakes were a savior, also, mini light babybel cheese, I kept em in my scrub pocket, in the wax they were ok for a few hours! Easy to pop out and eat on the go if need be.

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on 2/4/12 8:34 pm - Bridgewater, MA
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I make up some hard boiled eggs to grab first thing as well.
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on 2/4/12 9:44 pm
 Kashi Go Lean cereal- original version has 13 grams of protein- with the protein from the milk it is not too bad of a start.  I think the carbs were 26 grams, not sure on the net carbs.  The other versions of Kashi are a lot less protein so note that when looking.  

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on 2/4/12 11:15 pm - TX
 I either scramble an egg, drink a cup of protein coffee, or have some cottage cheese with cinnamon and Splenda brown sugar. 
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on 2/5/12 12:24 am - Winter Park, FL
 I agree with all the above.  I know there's no multi-tasking allowed, however as a full time employee, full time student, wife & mother of 2 toddlers, I wont survive without multi-tasking.  So, to avoid overeating, I measure my meals instead of guessing my meal size as I was doing before (thanks to feedback from SassyItalian ).  I don't have much time in the mornings as I have to get the girls and myself ready, so I prepare my breakfast ahead the night before.  Things like scrambled eggs, hardboiled eggs, deli meats & string cheese, etc.  For lunch, I usually do ground turkey breast with taco seasoning.  I add Taco Bell Restaurant Style mild sauce (0 cals, carbs in 1 tbs).  Everything measured to the last bit.
on 2/5/12 7:01 am - Ceres , CA
Thank you everyone for the feed back.