Started clear liquid diet today and STARVING. Help!

on 3/2/12 10:16 am - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I started the clear liquid diet today and I am so hungry. My stomach is in nots and I feel light headed. I have been drinking clear broth, had protein and milk this morning (doctor said we could use skim or 1% milk) but I can't get my stomach to stop hurting. I am sooo hungry. I'm trying to find a protein supplement that I can stand. They are all so freaking sweet or have that weird taste. I am totally open to suggestions! Can you really survive on such limited amounts of food?

I CAN do this but stomach won't shut up!
Kevin H.
on 3/2/12 10:34 am - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/06/12
 It certainly was challenging.  Probably the hardest thing I had to do so far actually.  Best of luck to you!


on 3/2/12 11:01 am
The first 3 days are the toughest.  Hang in there.  If you don't, you will have to repeat the first day all over again which would be worse.

I remember my head hurting worse than my stomach. I tried to not let myself go long without drinking something.  I also expended as little energy as possible. 

Unjury has a protein chicken broth powder and an unflavored protein powder. I ordered it before my liquid diet. I don't know how fast you can get it.  It is online.  Can you find an unflavored powder to go in coffee?  I don't drink coffee, but I see others mention protein coffee all of the time.  Do a search for it or maybe someone will mention it. You could probably do the decaf and the caf.
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on 3/2/12 11:03 am - TX
 It was a challenge for sure and I had my slip ups over the two weeks. How long are you on it? I assume this is Pre op. it will go by so fast and you won't believe how easy it gets. The first three days were hell for me and then, suddenly, it was all better. Keep your eye on the prize. If I can do it anyone can! 

I love my protein shake. It is Bariessentials and it is chocolate. I think the manufacturer is something like Fortify Nutritionals or something like that. You can order it from my surgeon's site, dr David Kim in colleyville, tx. 
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on 3/2/12 11:05 am
BTW, I was compliant with my pre-op  2week liquid diet and lost 24 pounds. I love that I lowered my surgical weight.  But I was very hostile during the first couple of days.  Week 2 was much much easier. By day 10, I was in the zone. But I distinctly remember counting down the hours on the first few days. I went to bed early just to avoid getting hungry. 
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 Chug your water. Mix protein with decaf coffee and skim free milk.. Yum. Try the unjury chick broth flavor with actual chicken broth.. No weird flavor! Also if you can find fruit flavored protein (I get mine at mix it with water and add a pack of crystal light.. Takes all of the weird taste away. I'm on day 7 and am having no problem at this point. I even cook for my boyfriend. It's best if a cup of something can be permanently attached to your hand.. The trick is to drink in the morning until your full and don't stop.. Keep sipping all day. Everytime you look at food or think "man I'd really like to eat that" take a few big gulps and move on 
on 3/2/12 12:04 pm - Albuquerque, NM
VSG on 04/24/12
Ginger :) It will fix it try the tea...that's clear

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on 3/2/12 1:20 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
Oh my gosh, you are all so great! I can't imagine 2 weeks. I only have to do three days of the clear liquids! You gave me some really helpful suggestions. Bless you all!
on 3/2/12 2:26 pm
 Hell, here we go again. I hate to be the jerk who second-guesses those with medical degrees, but after over a year on this forum the only credible explanation I've gotten for the torment that is the liquid diet is that it keeps you from cheating and eating the wrong foods pre-op. Skim or 1% milk has a whopping 13g of sugar per serving, and when I was on a pre-op diet, the doctors just wanted me to stay under 30g of net carbs per day, and get at least 70g of protein, with no calorie limitations. In short, I would clarify with your doctor if you can do the same nutrition requirements, but with solid proteins like tuna and egg salad, chicken breast, fresh greens, etc.

The goal, as I understand it, is to go into ketosis to shrink your liver in order to make the surgery go easier and make it safer to access your stomach. It's also to get you into the high-protein, low-carb mindset that's crucial for success after surgery. So I would clarify with your doctor WHY you need to eat your meals through a straw when you can probably just go Atkins for a couple of weeks and be fine. Don't take my word for it, but certainly don't let anything that sucks about this process go unquestioned.

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on 3/2/12 10:56 pm
 Unjury chicken broth saved me the first time around as well as sugar free Popsicles - can u eat veggies?  My 1st surgeon allowed veggies in moderation - for me at day 4 I was ready to eat a small child and was in a horrible mood but after that it got better.  I just kept telling myself 1 day 1 hour 1 minute at a time - hang in there and keep your eye on the prize and your two weeks will be up before you know it....  
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